The Dumb Friends League is committed to addressing the needs of animals and people in our communities and throughout Colorado. We offer several programs to help support these needs.  

Colorado Humane Society 

The Colorado Humane Society, a program of the League, works to prevent and investigate cases of animal neglect and mistreatment, as well as promote animal welfare throughout Colorado, giving pets and horses opportunities for the lives they deserve. Learn more about the Colorado Humane Society.

Disaster Response team 

The League is proud to be a part of the Colorado efforts of the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act of 2006, which requires state and local emergency preparedness plans address the needs of individuals with household pets and service animals following a major disaster or emergency. A team of employees and volunteers serve as first responders for companion animals, including setting up a temporary animal shelter and taking in any cat, dog or small pet from a person who has been forced to leave home. 

Homes with Hearts foster care

If you have a place in your heart and home for animals—but you’re not able to adopt—consider fostering. Our Homes with Hearts foster care program lets animal lovers bring pets from our shelters into their homes on a temporary basis to prepare them for adoption. Learn more about the Homes with Hearts foster care program.

The Kathi Brock Communications Center 

The League’s Call Center team provides information and support to people and pets whether or not their animals were adopted from us. In addition to being able to help English-speaking callers, the Call Center can also help with more than 270 other languages, such as Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Korean, Mandarin and Swahili. All calls are recorded, and notes provide helpful information for internal staff. 

Pet Assist 

The Pet Assist program helps those in need of a temporary safe place for their pet to live due to a variety of factors that leave them unable to care for their animals and when no other assistance is available. The animals are cared for through foster home placement. Pet assist is a short-term program, but each case is assessed based on the owner’s specific circumstances and resources of the shelter.

If you need temporary safe housing for your pet, please complete and submit the inquiry form. If you have questions, please call 303.751.5772.

Solutions – Transfer Partner

The League is committed to addressing the needs of homeless pets and animals in the Denver metro area. After meeting the needs of Colorado dogs and when we have the capacity, we partner with other shelters and rescue organizations in Oklahoma to responsibly transfer dogs from these established transfer partners that have limited resources and more healthy and safe dogs than adopters, giving these animals the best chance to find a new home. A portion of the adoption fee for dogs that come from these organizations is given back to help fund spay/neuter, vaccinations, transfer expenses, and educational programs in their communities.