Staff Favorites

Welcome to our staff favorites page! While all of our adoptable pets are special, we want to share some who have stolen the hearts of staff and volunteers at the Dumb Friends League. Staff favorites can include dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, small pets and even horses! Learn about these adoptable favorites, including their unique personalities and what makes them so special. If you’re interested in adopting one of our featured pets, click on their photo to view the adoption process.

Superstar (A0825224)

“Superstar has always been a favorite at Harmony. His head would always pop out of the stall in the adoption barn. He’s a curious horse and always wants to know what’s going on.” – League Staff

Superstar is a 17-year-old thoroughbred gelding horse. He has been at the Harmony Equine Center since April and stands at 16.1 hands high. Superstar was unsure about his new surroundings when he first arrived. After some getting used to, the staff found he could relax and be comfortable in a pasture. Learn more about Superstar by clicking on his photo.

Squawkie (A0833247)

“It will take you about 5 seconds to find Squawkie in his colony room. Just follow the sound of his endearing “squawk”. This fella is 12 years young and doesn’t have a shy bone in his big ole body. True to his red tabby roots he is curious, social, funny, quirky and loving. He’s the whole package, people. If you’re in the market for a really fun companion, Squawkie is your man.” – Cindi, League Volunteer

No one is more photogenic than Squawkie. This 12-year-old red tabby was born for the spotlight and was made for the red carpet. Squawkie came to the League when his owner passed away. He has excellent litterbox manners and has a history of living with another cat. Squawkie will hide when he is first introduced to people but will warm up to pets and cat treats. Make room in your life for this shining star. Learn more about Squawkie by clicking see more info below.

Leo (A0831205)

“Leo is a great guy who loves to explore and comes when his name is called! He’s known to be a shoulder cat and loves to snuggle up! If you’re looking for someone to greet you when you come home, Leo is your guy!” – League Volunteer

Leo is a miniature lion in a 1-year-old cat’s body. This sweet little man is a curious guy who loves receiving attention after rolling around on the ground. Leo enjoys fresh air and maybe a good cat to take on harness walks. He is still unsure of other cats and would be great in a single cat home. Find out more about Leo by clicking see more info below.

Twinkie (A0833173)

“Twinkie couldn’t be more adorable. With his cute long snoot and tiny shar pei ears, he is so easy to fall in love with! He sits immediately for treats and is a total gentleman on walks. If you have a quiet home, come meet him today. He will instantly win you over!” -League Volunteer

Who walks down stairs without a care, he shoots so high in the sky? Bounce up and down just like a clown, everyone knows it’s Twinkie! Twinkie is a 1-year-old shar pei who was very fearful when he came to the Dumb Friends League. He loves to walk and is easy to get a leash. Twinkie does not like loud noises such as doors closing, dogs barking or loud laughing, however, his kind soul and loving spirit will open up when you speak gently to him. He loves being outside and is playful in the play yards. Find out more about lovable Twinkie by clicking on his photo.

Bella (A0831480)

“Bella is my favorite land hippo. Yes, we adopt out land hippos but only to super special people because land hippos like Bella need extra love and attention. Land hippos are rare, and who wouldn’t want to love Bella?” –Brittney Martz, Marketing & Events Coordinator

Bella is a 10-year-old pit bull who is a puppy at heart. Although she is ready to retire to a great home, she is up for adventures around the neighborhood. Bella loves to chase squirrels but is otherwise very calm and well-mannered on the leash. She will need regular exercise on top of daily walks to help keep her healthy and active. Click on the photo to learn more about Bella.

Giovanni (A0832866)

“Giovanni is VERY serious about his playtime.” – Laura Ferguson, Accounts Receivable Specialist

Giovanni is a 2-year-old mobster. Just kidding. Giovanni is a cat who wishes he was in the mob. Giovanni is aware of everything going on around him at all times. He is sensitive to your mood and how quickly you approach him. Giovanni is a polite cat- he has good litterbox manners and enjoys being around people who like to play a lot. His dream would be the only cat in a single pet home. Click on the photo to learn more about Giovanni.

Jubilee (A0831942)

“Jubilee earned the title of Most Loving Cat from her foster family. This adorable feline doesn’t know a stranger and has a knack for charming all she meets.” – League Staff

This petite little gal is Jubilee. And what a special girl she is. At 12-years-old she’s mastered the art of capturing hearts. Jubilee would be a great companion for a quiet home.  She’s a known lap cat so if you’ve got an empty lap just sitting around without a cat, Jubilee could be your girl! Her only special need is a high-sided litter box (maybe covered as well) to help with her occasional stinky poos. (Hey, it happens, right?)  She is at the Dumb Friends League Malone Center in Denver and the good folks there can tell you all about this sweet pea. Visit to schedule your virtual adoption appointment today.

Binks (A0832802)

“Don’t let his age fool you, handsome Binks is a young gentleman at heart.  He has a playful and cuddly personality. He’s truly the total package!” – League Staff

Binks is a handsome, 14-year-old cat. He has a history of being super friendly in his previous home and has proven to be a lover during his time at the shelter. Binks will lean into pets and enjoys being around people. He has lived well with children, cats and dogs in the past and is ready to spend his golden years cozied up with his new family. Visit to schedule your virtual adoption appointment today.

Weenie (A0825449)

“Eyes like moons, ears like bats, whiskers like webs, Weenie’s a perfect cat!” –League Staff

“Weenie is the cutest. His personality matches perfectly with his unique features. Although independent, Weenie still loves attention as long as it’s on his terms. If you’re looking for a confident cat, he might be your guy!” –Joan T.

Weenie is a 7-year-old cat who is looking for a family who will accept for who he is. This sweet guy may have tiny ears and a big personality. Weenie has a heart murmur and will need a family that can take him to routine vet check-ups. Although he longs for attention, this scrappy kitty would be happiest as an only pet and will need a home with kids over 12. Visit to schedule your virtual adoption appointment today.

Waltz (A0815646)

“Over the last several weeks, Waltz has made so improvements in training. He is getting better with every ride.” – League Staff

Waltz is a 15-year-old pinto gelding. He came to the Dumb Friends League from the Colorado Horse Rescue Network. Waltz gets along great with other horses and has a fun and spirited personality. He has recently been working on people getting in his saddle and can get sassy when handled too much. Waltz is showing he is willing to be a riding horse and is making steady progress every day. He is up to date on his vaccinations, deworming, dental, and farrier work. Call 303.751.5772 to learn more about Waltz.




Sashie (A0822277)

“This cool guy is quite the character at Harmony! He is curious and mischievous in many ways. From scratching his head on fence posts and knocking them out of place and sneaking hay off the feed cart before it’s thrown to him, he is one goofy guy. Sashie is a striking dappled grey and a beautiful mover under saddle.” – Staff Member

Sashie is a 7-year-old friendly and handsome gelding. He has recently been working in the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center’s training program and is learning a lot. Sashie has a wild heart and will need an advanced rider to help him develop into a well-rounded horse. He does have dust allergies and should not be kept in an indoor barn. Sashie would be a good project horse for someone who wants to mold him into greatness. He is up to date on his vaccinations, deworming, farrier and dental work. Call 303.751.5772 to learn more about Sashie.

Elvira (A0826456)

Elvira is beautiful and mysterious. She takes extra time to warm up to people and in a quiet, calm home she will truly blossom!”

Truly a mistress of the dark is the lovely Elvira. Elvira is a 6-year-old beauty who came to the Dumb Friends League as a stray. She has little interaction with people however the interactions she has had recently are good. Just like any lady, Elvira needs a home that will be patient with her, respect her space and encourage positive reinforcement. This captivating cat is sweet and affectionate but may never curl up on your lap. Elvira needs a good home with children 12-years or older. Visit to schedule your virtual adoption appointment today!


Monica and Rachel (A0823158)

“Monica and Rachel are my staff favorites. They are unique and we do not get a lot of draft horses. The beauty and power within each of these horses is captivating. They are looking for a place to retire and anyone would be lucky to have them.” –Brent W.

If you are looking for two companion horses, look no further than the dynamic duo of Drafts horses Monica and Rachel! These lovable giants are not suitable for driving or riding but are social and would make great additions to any herd. Rachel and Monica have been at the Harmony Equine Center since February and are ready to move on to greener pastures with a good family (They’ll be there for you, because you’re there for them, too!). Visit to learn how you can adopt Monica and Rachel.

Misha (A0818439)

“Misha is a happy, playful dog who loves to run around, lay in the sun, play with toys, and receive massages. She goes bonkers for squeaky toys and seems to believe it is her mission to remove the squeaker. She has been waiting for her home for far too long.” – Torey J.

Misha is a 2-year-old dog who is ready for adventure. She walks well on a leash and enjoys being outside. Misha always wants to stay busy. Her favorite toys are super chewer toys so she can preoccupy herself for hours. Learn more about how you can meet Mia by clicking on her bio today!

Buck (A0805518)

“It is so great to see Buck come from a nervous, worried stallion with no handling to showing his fun-loving personality and wanting to rub on by everyone who walks by.” -Taryn H.

Buck is a friendly and loveable 5-year-old gelding. He has recently been started in the Harmony Equine Center training program, and he is showing signs that he is willing and ready to learn. Buck would do best with an experienced rider to continue his training. He is currently available as a companion horse, but we are working on starting him under saddle. He is up to date on farrier, dental, vaccinations, and deworming. Learn more about by visiting Visit