Staff Favorites

Smokey (A0661919)

“Smokey is such a ham! He loves to socialize and will do anything for cheek rubs! He’s super playful and loves to explore. I fell in love with Smokey the instant I met him and I know you will too!” –Emily N.

At 7-years-old, Smokey may be a tiny bit older than a kitten, but he doesn’t know that! Smokey is a SUPER active kitty who would enjoy lots of things to scratch on, and even more play time with his new owner.  He has a history of wanting to scratch furniture and finding the coolest places to sit (like curtin rods!). He would benefit from play therapy and some puzzle toys to keep this active boy occupied.  Our behavior team will speak to you about the best tips and tricks for his success!

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Snowflake (A0829592)

“If you want a fluffy, friendly pillow constantly purring in your life, Snowflake is your girl! Not only is she super sweet, she lights up when you walk in the room and will chortle till you pet her. I love this girl!” –Brittney M.

Snowflake is a beautiful 9-year-old cat who is ready to melt your heart. Snowflake loves being near people and has a solid history of living well with other cats and relaxed dogs. She is super affectionate and likes cozy spots where she can cuddle up for a good nap. Snowflake is a little shy but warms up to people when you give her ear scratches. She needs a stable home with little stress to help ease her discomfort. Snowflake has Feline Idiopathic Cystitis or FIC and will need to be on a prescription diet to help keep her healthy, we’ll tell you more about this during your adoption appointment. She would prefer to live with kids over the age of 6. Visit to schedule your virtual adoption appointment today!


Weenie (A0825449)

Weenie is the cutest. His personality matches perfectly with his unique features. Although independent, Weenie still loves attention as long as it’s on his terms. If you’re looking for a confident cat, he might be your guy!” –Joan T.


You heard right, Weenie is available for adoption! Weenie is a 7-year-old black cat who is looking for a family who will accept him just the way he is. This sweet guy may have tiny ears but he also has a big personality. Weenie has a heart murmur and will need a family that can take him to routine vet check-ups. Although he longs for attention, this scrappy kitty would be happiest as an only pet and will need a home with kids over 12. Don’t be a weenie; bring him home today!


Tess (A0827593)

“Tess is a sweetheart! She’s a great walker and loves to be outside. She’s super focused and loves to show you how she can sit for a treat. Not only is she smart, but she’s the cutest gal. Those black spots, triangle ears, and tail are too much. I can’t wait until she finds her forever family.” –Jenny T.

Tess is a two-year-old pit bull who came to the Dumb Friends League as a stray. She is a sweet young lady who makes friends everywhere she goes! Tess has very good manners around other dogs. She loves a good back scratch and would prefer to be in a home that will give her scratches till the cows come home. Although Tess’s strength might seem intimidating at first, her personality is very sweet and approachable. Hang on tight! This girl loves to chase after squirrels and birds while on walks. Because Tess was a stray, she will need a family who is willing to teach her housetraining and the basics. She is a strong believer in “dogs rule” so it would be best if she is in a home with no cats or small animals. She would love to meet a forever family so she can finally settle down! Visit to schedule your virtual adoption appointment today!

Dave (A0780740)

“Dave is a hilarious guy. He is super affectionate and very talkative. He always likes to be the center of attention and will let it be known that he wants head rubs and chin scratches.” –Lizzy B.

Dave is no barbarian! He is a two-year-old gray tabby cat who is young and restless for love. Dave is very active and seeks a home where he can play with a companion or independently. He is very friendly and likes to hold intellectual conversations with anyone willing to listen. Dave is not a fan of kids, so he would thrive in a home that has no children and will be patient with him adjusting to his new surroundings. Take this playful kitty to your loving home today. Visit to schedule your virtual adoption appointment today!

Beebs (A0825201)

“Beebs is a funny, strong, independent lady cat with a motherly touch! She will come right up to you and cuddle and lick you as if you are one of her own, and will give off the pride of a tortie. She is a beautiful cat who will stand her ground!” –Brittney M.

Make way Justin Bieber, because this Beebs out “Biebs” you! Beebs is a five-year-old tabby tortie cat with the grace of an adult and the sass of a teenager. Beebs responds well when being called to and likes to get pets from new friends. She loves attention and will stare at you until you notice her, and once you do, she will give you all her love.

Something to know about Beebs is that she has bitten people in the past, although that was likely due to environmental sources of stress. The behavioral staff will be happy to consult with any potential owners to help everyone feel prepared. Beebs has done well interacting with other people and cats in the shelter and has a good record of using her litterbox. She would do well in a stable environment house that will allow her plenty of peace and quiet and in a home with kids older than 12-years-old. Beebs will make for a wonderful and funny companion! Visit to schedule your virtual adoption appointment today!

Shadow (A0826436)

“Shadow is a super affectionate and sweet dog that is looking for a forever home where he can be loved and adored. This adorable pup loves to go on walks and stays by your side the entire time and loves to get attention. Shadow will make a really great dog for someone that wants a dog they can cozy up to.” –Lizzy B.

Shadow is a seven-year-old rottweiler. This gentle giant is very loving and enjoys cuddles after he warms up to you. He doesn’t like loud noises and will want to hide when he hears them. Shadow does have some hip issues and will need lots of rubs and scratches to help. He likes going on walks, roaming around in the yard, and digging holes. Shadow is a good boy– he likes to be alone during the daytime, he comes when called, and does not chew on things. Shadow has briefly been around children but tends to avoid them. If you are looking for a big lovable oaf to snuggle with, Shadow is your guy. Visit to schedule your virtual adoption appointment today!

Buck (A0805518)

“It is so great to see Buck come from a nervous, worried stallion with no handling to showing his fun-loving personality and wanting to rub on by everyone who walks by.” -Taryn H.

Buck is a friendly and loveable 5-year-old gelding. He has recently been started in the Harmony Equine Center training program, and he is showing signs that he is willing and ready to learn. Buck would do best with an experienced rider to continue his training. He is currently available as a companion horse, but we are working on starting him under saddle. He is up to date on farrier, dental, vaccinations, and deworming. Learn more about by visiting Visit

Ms. Kitty (A0826081)

“Ms. Kitty is a wonderful old lady who loves to come up and rest her paws on you. She seeks attention when she wants it and when she’s had enough, she just walks away.” – Alex S.


Miss Kitty is a 15-year-old cat seeking that perfect place for quiet times and laps for sitting.  Timid at first, Ms. Kitty warms right up and asks for petting, which is her real favorite.  She has good litterbox manners and was not destructive in her former home.  She has never been around children or dogs but has done well with other cats at the shelter.  Since she is a quieter gal, she would do best in a home with children over the age of 10.  All this lady asks is that her new family show her patience and give her slow introductions, perhaps in a small room, as she gets used to her new home. Happy days will be ahead for both of you! Visit to schedule your virtual adoption appointment today!

Molly (A0822520)

“She’s an older girl who’s been here for a long time. She’s very shy at first but warms up if you’re patient and is a sweetheart once she does. She LOVES temptations treats and is super motivated by them. She’s done fine with other cats but also wouldn’t mind being the center of attention.” – Alex S.

Molly is a 12-year-old cat who is looking for an introverted human much like herself. She would be more comfortable in a quiet home with older forever friends. She’s done well with other cats in the past, but she’s never been around children. Molly has good litter box manners. She will do best in a home that’ll give her enough time to adjust, to show her affection on her own terms, and sunny windows to take her long naps. Visit to schedule your virtual adoption appointment today!

Doughnut (A0829271)

“Doughnut is so enthusiastically goofy.  I love taking him out to the play yard.  He bounces all over the place!  He’s so affectionate and friendly.  Always smiling!  He’s a real treat!” – Jenny T.

Three words:  playful, energetic…STRONG.  Year old Doughnut is all those things, plus affectionate and friendly.  Brought to the League as a stray, Doughnut has made a lot of friends at the shelter.  After some work with the Canine Courage program to gain confidence, he greets people enthusiastically and seeks affection from those he spends time with.  As one of the shelter docs said, “he was really fun to work with.”

Because Doughnut is a pit bull, his new home must be in an area with no breed restrictions.  Due to his high energy level, he must be the only dog in the home and there must be no children under 8.  He needs lots of exercise and interaction. Visit to schedule your virtual adoption appointment today!

Roxy (A0826522)

“Roxy is such an angel.  She wiggles right up to anyone that comes near her kennel. She gets super pumped to see the leash come out.  She loves her walks and play yard time but seems most interested in getting her back scratched.  She chases any toy you throw but comes right back for snuggles.  Treats don’t hurt either.  Her new people will be lucky to have her!” – Jenny T

Roxy is a sweet, social 1-year-old girl who loves affection! She came to us pregnant and spent time in a foster home to await her 10 puppies. Roxy was a great mom and her foster parent just raved about her! She needs a home in a pit bull-friendly community.

According to her foster parent, she’s such a lover. Attention from people is her favorite. She was great with their dogs – but was unsure with the cats, she may do okay with slow introductions. Roxy is very, very housebroken! And loves a butt scratching! Visit to schedule your virtual adoption appointment today!

Leo (A0826500)

“Leo LOVES attention. He will seek you out for chin scratches and seems to be an expert lap sitter. He has the cutest face that pairs perfectly with his goofy and playful personality.” – Joan T.

Leo is a big, kind-hearted 14-year-old cat who’s on the lookout for his forever family.  He’s ready to greet people and enjoys petting & just chilling out in a sunny spot, both in equal measures. He has been around other cats in the past but would appreciate a home without dogs. He’s a champ with his litterbox and hasn’t been destructive with furniture. Leo does do well with all kinds of humans but will do best in a home with children over the age of 12 since he can get a bit excited with too much petting.  Leo has a moderate heart murmur so quieter days and sunny napping time are best for him. Call 303.751.5772 to schedule your virtual adoption appointment for Leo.

Ozzy (A0823728)

“Ozzy talks and purrs, especially when waking up in the morning and follows me down the steps to get his breakfast. He is observant and will play with toys on strings and use the scratching post. He makes himself comfortable throughout the home. Ozzy seeks out attention on his own terms. I think he will be a great pet for someone looking for a solid companion that likes company but not too much touching. He likes to be around people” – Ozzy’s foster mom

Ozzy is a handsome 8 year old gray tabby cat who knows what he wants. He loves to play and perch up high. He enjoys petting on his own terms for a short period of time. He can get overstimulated by petting and needs someone who can understand his signals. He will need a home with older kids. He has been living with other pets in his foster home, but would do best in a home where he is the only cat. Ozzy has a history of always using his litterbox. If you’re looking for a sweet and independent guy, Ozzy could just be the cat for you! If you’re interested, please call 303.751.5772 to make your virtual adoptions appointment.

Thor (A0718274)

“Thor is so fun to walk! He’s always excited to be on the go and loves to stop for a romp in the play yard. He loves to relax for some pets in the kennel when he’s wiped out.” – Jenny T.

Thor is an active and playful 6-year-old Australian kelpie mix. This handsome pup loves going for walks, does well on the leash and was house broken and crate trained in his previous home. Thor would prefer to be in a single pet home and would do best with children over the age of 12. Call 303.751.5772 to schedule your virtual adoption appointment today!

Dizz (A0823131)

“Dizz is such an adorable and affectionate girl. She absolutely loves getting attention and pets, and purrs super loud if you give her some chin scratches. Dizz will be a wonderful cat for someone who can provide loving affection but will also give her time to do her own thing.”

Meet 10-year-old Dizz! This affectionate cat is looking for a quiet home with lots of sunny windows and cozy napping spot. Dizz can be a bit shy at first, but your time and patience will be rewarded with her adorable purr. She would do best in a home with children over the age of 8. Call 303.751.5772 to schedule your virtual adoption appointment today!

Kovu (A0816586)

“Kovu is a one of a kind boy! He loves playing fetch, running zoomies in the yard, ear scratches/pets and will also “sit” and “give paw” for yummy treats! Kovu also likes to prance the halls happily after time spent outside. He really just needs his forever home where he can enjoy having a family of his own to love on him endlessly!” – Mariana E.

Kovu is a 2-year-old Chinese Sharpei mix. This affectionate dog has personality for days! He was reported to be housetrained and crate trained in his previous home and his active personality would be well matched with an adventurous owner. Kovu would do best in a home with children over the age of 12 and would like to be the center of attention as your only pet. Learn more about Kovu and schedule your virtual adoption appointment by calling 303.751.5772.