You already know that the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center is a private rehabilitation and adoption facility for abused and neglected horses, ponies, donkeys and mules that have been removed from their owners by law enforcement authorities, and the facility serves as a central hub where horses from humane societies and rescue groups can receive training, rehabilitation and the opportunity to find new homes. But, have you ever thought about the Harmony trainers who make this happen? Let’s learn more about our professional staff.

Currently, Harmony has professional trainers who are experienced with colt starting, Reined Cow Horse, English disciplines, ranch work, packing and outfitting and wild Bureau of Land Management mustangs, to name a few. They are some of the most versatile horsemen in the region and have worked under many great horsemen, including American horse trainer and clinician Ray Hunt, and follow the foundation-based teachings of the Dorrance brothers, who are considered the founders of the modern natural horsemanship movement.

The Harmony trainers are horse people to their core. What do we mean by that? Well, each one found their passion for all-things equine early in their lives and knew they wanted careers working with horses by the time they were in high school. From working barn jobs, volunteering at therapeutic riding centers, competing with the Westernaires, working off the track thoroughbreds, cutting horses, being a rodeo cowboy and even a few polo players, our trainers may have each started their careers differently, but the common thread was their passion. It was this passion that led Harmony trainers to earn degrees in equine science, agricultural business, equine management and agricultural business.

Horses arrive at the Harmony Equine Center from different circumstances and in varying conditions. Whether a horse’s background is known or not, the Harmony trainers, with their broad knowledge of types of horses ranging from feral/wild horses to performance horses and ranch horses to your basic trail and lesson horse, are the people who give horses the best opportunities for regaining trust, retraining, gaining confidence and rehabilitation.

Current Harmony trainers by the numbers

Our trainers have worked in more than 13 states across the country and abroad

Five of our trainers have adopted 10 horses from Harmony (and the sixth is a solid “not yet”)

Collectively, our trainers have

  • worked at Harmony just shy of 21 years
  • 166 years of being around and riding horses
  • 120 years of experience training horses
  • participated in competitions, including the Extreme Mustang Makeover, Equine Comeback Challenge, Colt Starting Challenge and the Shelter Challenge

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of an accomplished horse trainer. It’s a talent to learn the personality of each horse and take the time to give each one the best opportunity in the future no matter what that looks like. In addition to having the necessary knowledge and talent to work with horses, adopters can trust our Harmony trainers to be transparent about a horse’s history, temperament and to match owners with the animal that best fits their needs.

Adoptable equines are waiting for you! All adoptions include gelding services for male animals, current vaccinations, de-worming, dental and farrier work and professional training.