Virtual Adoptions FAQs

What are virtual adoptions?

If you are interested in adopting, schedule an appointment and fill out the questionnaire. An adoptions counselor will contact you for your appointment and discuss your questionnaire, learn more about what you’re looking for and share one to three potential matches. If you are interested in welcoming one of our pets into your home, the adoptions counselor will place a hold and coordinate an appointment to finalize the adoption.

If I’m speaking to an adoptions counselor, why do I have to fill out the questionnaire?

The questionnaire helps guide our adoptions counselors when looking at the animals in our care and your preferences. They want to be ready to talk about what pet may work for you on your call!

I can’t get an appointment for several weeks, will you hold a specific pet for me until then?

We believe (and we’re sure you do, too!) that every animal deserves to be in a home as quickly as possible and holding one at our shelters in not in the pet’s best interest. Please know that we see a large number of pets coming through our doors every day, and our animal population is constantly changing. If a certain pet piques your interest, but your appointment is not for a few weeks, make a note of what you liked about that animal and be sure to review your list with your adoptions counselor.

Why are the available appointments several weeks away?

This is a new process and it takes time, so we ask for your patience. Please be assured that during your consultation, you will have one on one time with an adoptions counselor who is committed to pairing you with your ideal companion.

Where are the pictures of adoptable pets?

We believe that love is blind and getting to know you through your questionnaire will help our experts find the ideal pet for you. Additionally, since appointments are not available for several weeks, it is likely the pet you see today will already be adopted before your appointment. To see adorable adoption success stories, click here!

Does that mean I won’t see a picture of the pet before I adopt?

When you and your adoption counselor identify potential matches, you will be provided with a picture of those pets.

Do I get to meet the pet before I make the decision to adopt?

Because of social distancing, meet and greets before adoption are not possible.

Since I can’t meet the pet, what happens if it is not the right fit for me and my family?

Sometimes things don’t work out, and we understand. We will gladly refund your adoption fee if, for any reason, the pet you adopt is not a fit for you and your family. We only ask that you share what you’ve learned about the pet, so we can better match them with a new family in the future.

Are you ready to schedule your virtual adoptions appointment? Our expert adoptions counselors are here to help!