A spunky Squeegie

Squeegie the kitty with stockings

I recently adopted a beautiful black kitty from the Buddy Center in Castle Rock. I was counselled at the shelter that he was kind of a “problem child” that would get overstimulated very easily. After I got him home, he hid for about a week, probably due to our two huge dogs (a mastiff and a bloodhound).

Well, since his “coming out,” I am not convinced he knows he is a cat! He wrestles and plays with the dogs, sleeps with them in our bed and has become quite comfortable in his new home! He is a wonderful addition and very happy with his new sisters!

We changed Dexter’s name due to his obsession with dumping the dog’s water dishes; it is Squeegie. He was quite curious to see what Santa left him in his stocking. He is so adorable!

— Terri P., Elizabeth, Colo.

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