Celebrating Emma’s “Gotcha Day”

Today we are celebrating Emma Frost’s Gotcha Day! She was adopted seven years ago from the Quebec Street shelter.

When I went to the shelter that day, I went just to “look.” Our golden/chow mix had passed away two days prior. I had seen a couple dogs on the website I was interested in checking out, and they were either not in their kennel or already spoken for. I visited with a couple dogs, and we just didn’t click.

I decided to meet the ugly little puppy, because everyone was passing her up (and yet she was very interested in all the people and her surroundings). When she came into the visiting room, it was like it was just meant to be.

Emma has been my sidekick for the last seven years, through thick and thin. She’s our rock star obedience dog, resident couch destroyer, loves all things squeaky and loves a good snuggle. Thank you for allowing us to adopt this curly girl!