Laguna & Nyx

One day, I found myself browsing the Dumb Friends League website, and before I knew it, my boyfriend and I were at your shelter looking at cats. I met a beautiful tabby named Laguna with no teeth and his tongue hanging freely from his mouth, a tear in his ear and a scab on his back from allergies. He was immediately loving and wanted to cuddle in my arms. I fell in love and we took him home that day. Laguna loves baths, grunts instead of meows, and loves to be cradled like a baby.

After a few months, I thought Laguna could use a friend. We visited your shelter multiple times and finally brought home a young female tortie named Nyx. She is a playful, talkative girl who loves to be petted and is slowly getting more comfortable with cuddling.

Laguna and Nyx follow me around, greet me at the door when I come home, and hop in bed when I retire for the night. I have become “that” lady who takes hundreds of pictures of her cats!

Thank you for the devotion of the volunteers and the kind hearts at the Dumb Friends League for giving them a second chance at a new beginning.

—Amanda F.