Max and Bella

I believe that you knew my babies as Jessie and Gucci. Gucci is now Maximus, aka Max or Little, and Jessie is now my beautiful Bella, aka Beautiful or Bell girl.

They have been with us for just about a year now. They are happy and doing great! They still do everything together (eat, sleep, play, EVERYTHING). Max loves to lie in the sun; the little spot on the green grass is β€œthe Little.” My Bell girl likes to keep mom in sight so she hangs pretty tight to me wherever I go.

They are happy dogs and they love their momma. They like to take pictures and love to put on their harnesses to go for walks.

I am so glad that the Dumb Friends League was there for them when they needed their help and provided me and my family the opportunity to take both of these loving babies into our home. My children are older now so my fur babies are super special to me.