Juniper, the miracle filly

Juniper and Hermione

Abandoned by a neglectful owner, Hermione the horse was lucky to have survived long enough to be rescued by law enforcement authorities. When they brought her to the Harmony Equine Center for rehabilitation, she was sickly and rail-thin. She had an upper respiratory illness and a body condition score of 1, the lowest possible rating. As she gradually began to gain weight and recover from her illness, the Harmony staff noticed with surprise that she was pregnant—although they knew that mares in such weakened condition rarely carried babies to term. But Hermione was treated by our veterinarians and in June gave birth to a healthy filly named Juniper. The miracle baby began life underweight, but both mom and baby quickly flourished in our care. Once Juniper is fully weaned, both horses will be available for adoption.

The story of Hermione and Juniper is just one of dozens of happy endings made possible at Harmony. In the last fiscal year, we found homes for 85 horses and transferred 47 to appropriate healthy living situations—but we are still providing daily care, rehabilitation and training to more than 65 horses currently at the center.

More and more abused, neglected and starving horses are being rescued by law enforcement officials and transferred to the Harmony Equine Center for rehabilitation, training and eventual adoption by loving owners. Caring animal lovers like you can donate now to help ensure we save these horses in need so they can have the second chances and new lives they deserve.