Staff Spotlight: Taryn Hillman

Taryn with horse

by Elizabeth Pearson

Taryn Hillman has been a barn attendant at Harmony Equine Center since April 2014 and has been busy ever since! Taryn has many responsibilities including managing the barn attendants, performing many of the daily operations, and taking care of the facility. Her day begins at 7:00 a.m. with feeding, cleaning, giving medications, or organizing files and keeping records in Chameleon. But beyond that, every day is different. In a given day you may find her doing anything from feeding, cleaning, weighing, updating records, and working with volunteers to helping with the horses’ medical and farrier care or working with some of the younger horses. She also helps with the intake process and is largely responsible for keeping files and computer records up to date, along with assisting in adoptions and sending horses off to their new homes. You might think that all these responsibilities are tiring, but she loves the variety. Said Taryn, “There is not a single day that is the same and I’m always busy and never get bored.”

Taryn also loves the progression of the horses—seeing them arrive in poor shape, assisting in their rehabilitation, and then watching them go off to a new home. She says, “Being able to see and be a part of that whole process from beginning to end is extremely rewarding.”

Taryn wanted to work for Harmony because of her passion for horses. However, she was not planning on becoming a barn attendant. “I actually was not looking for a job when I decided to come to Harmony. I had known Brent (the head trainer at Harmony) beforehand and he had told me several times I would be a perfect fit for Harmony. When a position became available, he urged me to come check it out so I did. My passion for horses coupled with my desire to help animals and people made Harmony a perfect opportunity that I could not turn down.”

When Taryn isn’t hard at work at Harmony, you can find her taking care of and riding her own horses at home. She has five mustangs, three of which she received wild and trained as part of the Extreme Mustang Makeover. In addition to working with her own horses, she does some training on the side and teaches lessons. She is a PATH certified instructor and loves teaching Therapeutic Riding to people with a variety of disabilities. In the rare event she isn’t found doing something with horses, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, as well as going on cruises.

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