Suki Is Shy No More

I just wanted to send a quick note on our adoption from last night. I have to compliment how wonderful your center is, and how friendly and extremely helpful the staff was.

But the real reason is I want to mention the dog that we brought home: Skyy, whose name we have already changed to Suki.

There were apparently some fear/shyness issues while at the shelter, and I have to say that not even 24 hours later, Suki is like a completely different dog. She continually nuzzles us and wants all the attention she can get; she is not hiding one bit! She even got excited when one of her new cat sisters jumped over the gate, and she sniffed Ginger the cat all over!

We are so happy that we found her and were able to bring her home. She will have a long, happy, fun and LOVE-filled life in our home.

— Meredith G.