Theo the coonhound

Theo the coonhound

Submitted by Nicholas B.

I went to the Dumb Friends League a few years ago looking for a senior dog to adopt. I wanted a dog a little less active and a little wiser than a puppy.

Unfortunately, the senior dog I had my eyes set on got adopted before I was able to see him.

The adoption staff introduced me to an 11-month-old coonhound named Theo. Not exactly what I was looking for! But he was a gorgeous pup that I could tell had great energy.

After only 6 months of having him in the house, my wife was ready to give him back. He wasn’t well mannered and didn’t get along with all other dogs very well. Luckily, I wasn’t as quick to give up. I saw Theo’s potential and just had to figure out how to work with him.

Almost 3 years (and a lot of training!) later, he’s one of the best dogs I’ve ever had. He loves people, is super gentle, great with cats, and is even getting much better with dogs. He still goes by Theo or Doba. He was a great find at DFL and I’ll forever be thankful for having him.

I’m also a proud parent of a beautiful cat named Oliver we adopted from there about 4 years ago. Both are wonderful additions to our family!