Our team of behavior specialists provides enrichment, daily training and, when necessary, additional behavior support, to pets in our shelters so that they become the best possible candidates for adoption. We also collaborate and share resources with other shelters that have pets with behavior issues. 

Getting Help for Your Pet

Regardless of your dog or cat’s behavior, we offer several free options to help! 

Behavior Helpline

Speak with one of our specialists about your pet’s behavior. This service is available whether or not your pet was adopted from us and provides: 

  • An understanding of one behavior 
  • Management strategies to minimize the problem 
  • A customized plan to start changing your pet’s behavior 
  • Resources for finding a professional trainer if needed 

Please note: Some problems are symptoms of an underlying health condition. If your pet has not had a recent exam since the problem started, we suggest first contacting your veterinarian to rule out health-related causes.

Behavior Library

Find tips about common behavior issues in our behavior resource library

Other Services

Find group classes, private lessons or a certified trainer at ccpdt.com or iaabc.org.