Behavior Help

We offer kindness and compassion to pets at our shelters that are in need of gentle behavior training in order to become the best possible candidates for adoption. In addition, our team of behavior specialists provide daily training and enrichment to pets in our shelters, making their stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We also collaborate with other shelters that have homeless pets with behavior issues. By bringing these pets to the Dumb Friends League for behavior support, we can give them the best possible chance of being adopted. All our behavior services work toward achieving our mission of ending pet homelessness and animal suffering.

Getting help for your pet

Regardless of your dog or cat’s behavior, Dumb Friends League is here to help! We offer several options to get you on the path to harmony.

Behavior Helpline

Speak with one of our behavior specialists about your pet’s behavior. This service is free to all pet owners, whether or not you adopted from the Dumb Friends League. This service provides:

  • Free phone consultation with a behavior specialist to address one behavior issue
  • Understanding of your pet’s behavior
  • Management strategies to minimize the problem
  • Customized plan to start changing your pet’s behavior

This service is not intended to immediately resolve all behavior issues. Depending on the nature and severity of the behavior, your pet’s history, and other factors, you may also need a trainer to help you meet your goals. We can provide resources for finding a qualified professional.

Some problems are symptoms of an underlying health condition. If your pet has not had a recent exam since the problem started, we suggest first contacting your veterinarian to rule out health-related causes.

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Cat Behavior Helpline
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Behavior Library

Find tips about common behavior issues in our behavior resource library. Our free handouts are available to all pet owners.

Other Services

The Dumb Friends League does not currently provide group classes or private lessons for dog and cat owners. Visit or to find a certified trainer in your area.