Our commitment to you

Believing in full transparency, we promise to represent our animals honestly, based on what we know about their past, what we observe and what we can accomplish while they are in our care.

What we ask in return

You will not sell the animal for slaughter or use the animal for breeding purposes and you will permit us to visit the facility where the animal will be maintained. 

Our adoption fees for equines range from $250–$2000. These fees do not cover our investment in each equine’s rehabilitation, training and veterinary care. Generous donations allow us to provide this vital care to horses in need.

Adoption Process

  • 1. Look at potential equines either in person or on the website and submit a web inquiry.
    • If you choose to visit our facility during our open hours, you can find a list of adoptable equines located in the adoption barn main entrance.
    • In order to handle an equine, you must schedule an appointment.
  • 2. If there is a specific equine(s) you are interested in, the next step is to schedule an appointment provided the equine(s) is currently available.
    • Appointments are 1 hour.
    • Due to the high volume of adoptions, we are unable to hold horses unless you have a pending application.
    • We ask that you set up appointments as soon as possible.
    • We schedule appointments on a first come, first served basis.
    • Appointments are available 7 days a week depending on trainer availability.
    • You may have up to 2 equines on an appointment pending availability.
  • 3. During your appointment you will be able to:
    • Meet and interact with your selected equine(s).
    • Watch the trainer ride/work the equine(s).
    • Ride the equine(s) if deemed suitable by trainer/manager.
    • Discuss with the trainer the quality of the match. It’s important for the safety of both equine and rider.
  • 4. Beginning the adoption process:
    • Fill out our adoption application. At this point, the equine is considered pending adoption.
    • Work or ride the equine(s) that fits your goals and skillset for 3 sessions.
    • Additional sessions may be required by our trainers to ensure a good match of equine and rider.
    • Our adoption process is kept to 2 weeks from initial appointment to pick up. Please keep this in mind as you schedule your appointments with us.
  • 5. A site inspection will be completed during the adoption process.
    • Elements required of a facility are proper food, water, shelter, fence in good condition, and an area clear of debris and hazards.
  • 6. A brand inspection will be completed after application approval, and ownership will be transferred. The Harmony Equine Center will cover the cost of the Brand Inspection.
    • Brand Inspections are required by Colorado State Law to prove legal ownership of an equine.
  • 7. A veterinary Health Certificate and/or Coggins are optional and can be requested during the adoption process for an additional fee.
    • Health Certificates are valid for 30 days.
    • Coggins are valid for one year.
    • Health Certificates/Coggins are often required by boarding facilities. If you are planning on keeping your adopted horse at a boarding facility, please ask the barn manager if they require either of these during the adoption process.
  • 8. Pre-purchase Veterinary Exams are optional during the adoption process. The Harmony Equine Center does not cover the cost of the Pre-purchase Exam.
    • Please contact your veterinarian if you wish to schedule a Pre-purchase.
    • Harmony Staff may not be available to hold equines for the scheduled exam. Pre-purchase Exams can take several hours to complete so please schedule this exam with your veterinarian during our business hours. The adopting patron is to be present during the entire exam.
    • Coordinate with Harmony staff to schedule the pre-purchase exam.
  • 9. Set up a pickup time.
    • At time of pick up you will pay the adoption fee, receive all medical, farrier, and training notes and sign our adoption contract. We accept cash, check or card for payment.
    • Once the paperwork is complete, we will take your picture with your new equine.
    • Harmony Staff will load the equine onto your trailer.
  • 10. Congratulations – you are off on your new journey!