Our commitment to you

Believing in full transparency, we promise to represent our animals honestly, based on what we know about their past, what we observe and what we can accomplish while they are in our care.

What we ask in return

You will not sell the animal for slaughter or use the animal for breeding purposes and you will permit us to visit the facility where the animal will be maintained. 

Our adoption fees for equines range from $250–$2000. These fees do not cover our investment in each equine’s rehabilitation, training and veterinary care. Generous donations allow us to provide this vital care to horses in need.

Adoption Process

  1. Use the contact form to make an appointment with a trainer.
  2. Begin the adoption process. Work or ride the equine that fits your goals and skill set for three complimentary lessons. At this point the horse is considered pending adoption and will not be shown to other interested parties.
  3. Site inspection. A site inspection will be completed during or after the lesson phase.
  4. Brand inspection. A brand inspection will be completed and ownership will be transferred.
  5. Congratulations, you are a new horse parent! Schedule a pick-up time.