One of the ways the Dumb Friends League can fulfill its mission to end pet homelessness and animal suffering is to influence the laws and policies that protect animals and enhance their welfare. Our Advocacy team works with policymakers, animal welfare agencies, law enforcement and the community to drive the policies that make Colorado a leader in protecting our furry family members. We hope to help you stay informed on issues in Colorado  and across the country that impact animal sheltering and welfare and continue to make systemic changes that benefit animals and the humans that love them, now and in the future.  

Come and GROWL with us!! The GROWL group – which stands for Grassroots Outreach Within (the) League – is a way for our wonderful, passionate animal welfare community to engage in public policy. Participation in GROWL could include contacting your legislators, writing a letter to the editor, posting on social media or attending hearings at the Capitol. It is up to you how much time you want to invest and every little bit counts!

If you are interested in learning more about advocacy or the GROWL group, please contact Ali Mickelson at We look forward to GROWLing with you!

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