If you’re facing challenges with caring for your pet, we have options to support you.

Surrender your pet

At the Dumb Friends League, we understand that there are many reasons you may need to surrender your pet. We vow to respect your decision and treat you and your pet with compassion and empathy during this difficult time. While we are a safe haven for animals from all walks of life, if you originally adopted your pet from a different organization, we would recommend checking in with them first, as continuity of care can make a pet’s journey easier. 

Resources to keep your pet

We understand that situations can arise that may cause you to question whether keeping your pet is the best option for you or the pet. We also know that the bond between a person and a pet can be very strong- and keeping that bond intact is usually preferable. That’s why we offer a variety of resources that may make it possible for you to keep your pet.

Wildlife and exotic pets

There are some species of wildlife or exotic pets that we are not able to place. For animals who are not companion animals and do not have other placement or release options, a shelter is not ideal, and humane euthanasia may be the only outcome we can provide in those instances.

Surrender an equine

Socially conscious sheltering

The League is a Socially Conscious Shelter committed to creating the best possible outcomes for all animals. We provide safe shelter, nourishment, and loving care to vulnerable companion animals across our community.

As a Socially Conscious Shelter, the League assesses the health and behavior of every animal in our care and makes appropriate treatment and placement decisions based on those assessments. We humanely euthanize animals who are suffering, whose health compromises their quality of life, or who may likely pose safety risks to people or other animals in the community.

We encourage you to explore all other available resources or rehoming options before deciding to surrender your pet. We are unable to provide ongoing updates on the status of individual animals in our care, nor can we guarantee the return of an animal to you if your situation changes.