The Humane Education team has a wonderful ambassapet program, which allows the team to bring out one ambassapet to a school or offsite visit. These ambassapets are staff or volunteer owned pets, and are all rescues. Bringing a pet, will depend on the lesson chosen (for example-no ambassapet comes out for Click and Learn class). We have a variety of ambassapets for visits at our shelters, but the pet chosen depends on the staff or volunteers availability, as well as the age group of the audience. See our current ambassapets below, and you might just meet one at our next visit!


MMy name is Indiana Bones, but you can call me Indy. I’m a one-year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who currently lives with two large dogs (but I like to think I’m just as big and mighty as they are!). I was adopted by my previous family when I was just 4 months old. Sadly, they…

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Scout, an almost 2-year-old Great Pyrenees and Lab mix, came to the League in May 2020 after being transferred from southern Colorado, where he was found as a stray. His human fell in love with him while taking him out for a walk and ended up taking him home the same day. When he’s not at work,…

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Jedi is a 1-year-old sphynx who enjoys socializing and keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Jedi was adopted as a kitten from the League after he and his siblings were born in a foster home. He is quite the character and always keeps his family on their toes! When Jedi is not at work…

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Daisy is a mischievous, charismatic, 9-year-old rescue pup. Having lived with her human mom since she was 10-weeks old, Daisy brings joy, laughter and goofiness to everyone she meets. Daisy loves squirrels, bunnies and chasing chipmunks, but napping and snuggling with mom is her favorite thing. For a delicious treat, Daisy will do all of…

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In 2015, Juicy, who is now 9-years old, came from Texas and found her new family in Denver. After completing a training program, Juicy and her human were certified as a therapy team by Pet Partners in August 2016 and worked in school reading programs for two years. The sweet pup and her dad started working…

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Lucy is 6 years old and a League alumni. Lucy has been with her family since she was 5-weeks hold. Her human saw her one day in a kennel, they locked eyes, and that was it! Lucy’s human fostered her until she was old enough to adopt, and they’ve been together ever since! Lucy knows…

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