The Dumb Friends League offers affordable spay/neuter services to all owned pet cats and dogs. We are able to offer these services thanks to the generosity of our donors. This program is designed to help individuals in our community provide preventative veterinary care for their loving pets, and is not available to for-profit breeders or rescue groups.

Pre-surgery requirements

  • Your cat/dog must be two months old and weigh 2 lbs. for spay/neuter surgery.
  • Pets less than six months old can eat normally the morning before surgery. Pets six months or older should not eat after midnight the night before surgery. Water is okay for all pets before surgery.
  • Pets eight years and older require bloodwork before surgery. Please visit your regular veterinarian to obtain bloodwork before scheduling. This service is also available through the Dumb Friends League Veterinary Hospital for an additional fee. You can contact the hospital at 303.722.5800 for more information.

Day of surgery

  • Drop-off time for surgery is staggered between 7-8 a.m. Follow signs for Spay/Neuter Clinic entrance on the west side of the Vida Building.
  • You will be given a discharge time when you drop off in the morning. Pick-up will be later that same afternoon, but it varies depending on our surgery schedule, so a more specific time will be given to you the morning of surgery.
  • The spay/neuter calendar is opened several weeks in advance. If you are trying to book an appointment and do not see anything available, it means that our calendar is full. Please keep checking for availability, as cancellations happen and appointments may become available.
  • Payment is due at the time of service; cash, check, all major credit cards, and Care Credit are accepted.

Schedule spay/neuter


All cats must be brought in using a secure carrier. If you do not have one, disposable cardboard carriers are available for $5.

There may be additional fees if your male cat is cryptorchid (undescended testicle).

  • Spay surgery $60
  • Neuter surgery $30


  • Rabies $15
  • Feline distemper $25
  • Microchip $25

Payment is due at the time of service; cash, check, all major credit cards, and Care Credit are accepted.


Short-nosed (aka brachycephalic) dog breeds that are prone to obstructive breathing, including Pug, English Bulldog, and French Bulldog, are not accepted for surgery through our high volume spay/neuter clinic. For assistance with scheduling these breeds through our hospital, please call 303.722.5800

We recommend that large and giant breed dogs delay spay/neuter surgery until they are fully grown, usually between 9 and 15 months of age. If you have specific questions about the best age to sterilize your pet, please contact the veterinary team at 303.722.5800.

There may be additional fees if your male dog is cryptorchid (undescended testicle).

Spay (female dog)

  • 2-29 lbs. $175
  • 30-69 lbs. $200
  • 70-120 lbs. $225

Neuter (male dog)

  • 2-29 lbs. $125
  • 30-69 lbs. $150
  • 70-120 lbs. $175


  • Rabies $15
  • Distemper (DA2PP) $25
  • Leptospirosis $20
  • Distemper (DA2PP) + lepto combo $30
  • Microchip $25

Payment is due at the time of service; cash, check, all major credit cards, and Care Credit are accepted.

Feral/working/community cats

  • Spay/Neuter surgery is free – includes vaccines for rabies and distemper
  • All feral cats must be brought in a humane trap
  • All feral cats will receive an ear tip
  • We recommend that tame, friendly cats without owners be taken to an animal shelter for adoption.

If you have a tame cat and live in one of our priority zip codes, please visit our MetroCat team page, as fees for these clients are discounted:

  • 80204 (Valverde/Barnum)
  • 80216 (Globeville/Elyria-Swansea)
  •  80219 (Westwood)
  • 80223 (Ruby Hill)
  • 80239 (Montbello)

Please be advised that the CSU Spur campus is still under construction. The Vida Building is located on the north side of the campus. Dumb Friends League entrance is on west side.

Coming from the south: From 46th Ave, turn left (north) onto National Western Dr. Continue between the Terra and Hydro Buildings. At the stop sign turn left onto Bettie Cram Dr. We are housed in the Vida Building, which will be on your right. The entrance is on the west side of the building.

Coming from the north: From 58th Avenue heading west, go past Washington St. and turn right onto Franklin St. which turns into National Western Dr. at the street light at Race Ct.; continue going straight. Continue another ¼ mile to the end of the road. We are on the northwest corner of National Western Dr. and Bettie Cram Dr.

There is limited parking on Bettie Cram Dr., with additional parking in the parking lot off National Western Dr. on the west side of the building. The entrance to the spay/neuter clinic is also located on the west side of the building. Follow the Dumb Friends League signs to the spay/neuter clinic lobby.