To reduce stressful interactions, we do not allow patrons to visit with our working cats in person.

If you want to adopt a working cat, you MUST complete the request form first.
We will respond to your submission within 24 to 48 hours Via email.

Cats that come to our shelters with temperaments and histories better suited to an outdoor lifestyle can be placed with caring owners. These working cats thrive when they have a job in a barn, stable or other outdoor setting.

To ensure the safety and health of these unique animals, adopters must provide, food, shelter and medical care. Before placement, all working cats receive spay/neuter surgery and all required vaccinations.

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Socialization types


A feral cat lives outdoors and has never been socialized with humans. They are not aggressive when left alone, but may act with aggression if too much contact is attempted by a human and the cat does not have a visible escape route.


A semi-feral cat has had some contact and experience with humans, and has developed a comfort level with humans due to feeding, receiving medical care or similar contacts, but is unsuitable as an indoor pet.


While social cats are more likely to seek out attention from humans and may allow petting on their terms, behavior can vary between individuals, and not all cats tolerate handling. It should be noted that these cats have behavioral issues that make them unsuitable as indoor pets or for interaction with children.


All working cats receive spay/neuter surgery, age-appropriate vaccinations and a rabies vaccination.
Want to adopt a working cat? Complete our online request application above or call us at 303.751.5772.

Working cats may be uncomfortable in the shelter and sometimes appear distressed in their photos.
To make the required appointment to adopt a working cat,
you MUST complete the online request form first.

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