Euthanasia for those that are suffering

We understand the grief involved when the time comes to say goodbye to your pet. We offer compassionate care to support you through this difficult process. We will take your pet to a warm and quiet room, and perform humane euthanasia without delay. This procedure is carried out with kindness and respect. Although we are not set up for you to be present at the euthanasia, you may view your pet afterwards if you wish.

End-of-life services are initiated at both our shelters.

To make an appointment at the Quebec Street Shelter in Denver or the Buddy Center in Castle Rock, please call 303.751.5772.

The cost of euthanasia is $70.

To schedule a euthanasia appointment, please call 303.751.5772.

Cremation services

Cost of communal cremation is included in the $70 euthanasia fee. If your pet dies at home, the cremation fee is $30.

We also offer individual cremation through an outside provider. The cost for this service ranges from $88 to $256, depending on the weight of your pet. In this case, you may have your pet’s ashes returned to you.

For more information about cremation services, please call 303.751.5772.

Pet interment

The Sheilagh R. Malo Pet Memorial Garden at the Quebec Street Shelter in Denver is available for your pet’s final resting place. Your pet’s cremated ashes can be placed in a stainless-steel urn and interred in a space of your choosing in the garden. The entry will be capped with a granite plaque inscribed according to your wishes.

You may hold a graveside service at the time of interment, provided that you bring who and what you need to conduct a service that is suitable for you and your loved ones. You are welcome to visit the memorial garden any time during our regular business hours.

Pet memorial garden burial is available for a donation of $500. This includes the urn, burial space and granite plaque. You can reserve a spot in advance for your pet with a $250 deposit. The remainder will be due at the time of interment.

All revenue from these services goes toward caring for the homeless pets at our shelters. We hope you will find comfort in knowing that your pet, even in death, is helping the homeless animals in our care.

For more information about pet burial services, please call 720.241.7158.