The loss of an animal companion, whether due to death, being lost or stolen, or placement in a new home, may be one of the most devastating and painful experiences we ever face. For many, such a loss is as traumatic as losing a family member or a dear friend and can trigger an intense grieving process. We provide grief and loss support information, as well as end-of-life services.

Euthanasia for Those That are Suffering

We understand the grief involved when the time comes to say goodbye to your pet and offer compassionate care to support you through this difficult time. We will take your pet to a warm, quiet room and perform humane euthanasia promptly. This procedure is carried out with kindness and respect. Although we are not set up for you to be present at the euthanasia, you may view your pet afterward if you wish.

End-of-life services are available at both the Buddy Center and Leslie A. Malone Center

Scheduling an appointment for your pet’s euthanasia will help reduce your wait time. Walk-ins are welcome, but may have a longer wait time. Emergencies will be prioritized for the sake of the animal’s wellbeing and comfort.
If you have any questions or if you would like to talk to a staff member before scheduling an appointment, please call 303.751.5772. Please select the link below to schedule your euthanasia appointment.

Schedule an Appointment:


The cost of euthanasia including a communal cremation is $70. If your pet is suffering and you do not have the resources to pay for this service, please call us at 303.751.5772. Please see below for information regarding costs associated with separate cremation and returned ashes.

Appointment Instructions:

  • Leslie A. Malone Center in Denver – When arriving at the Leslie A. Malone Center, turn left and park in Lot B. Please look for the veterinary services parking spot and proceed to the Roath Veterinary Services Entrance.
  • Buddy Center in Castle Rock – When arriving at the Buddy Center, park in the front of the building and proceed to the Pet Intake Lost and Found Entrance.

Cremation Services

The cost of communal cremation is included in the $70 euthanasia fee. If your pet dies at home, the cremation fee is $30. 

If you would like your pet’s ashes returned to you, we offer separate cremation through Pet Cremation Services, an outside provider. The cost for this service ranges from $95 to $200. 

For more information about cremation services, please call 303.751.5772.