Dr. Apryl Steele

President and CEO

Dr. Apryl Steele is the President and CEO of the Dumb Friends League in Denver, CO. After practicing veterinary medicine for 18 years, she had the honor of joining the League to advocate for animals who are vulnerable due to homelessness, mistreatment, or their owner’s financial situation.

Bud Jeffress

Vice President of Finance and Administration

As a well-respected nonprofit organization known for its transparency and integrity, the Dumb Friends League strives every day to be a good steward of the resources it receives from the public to make a difference in homeless animals’ lives. Critical to that effort is Bud Jeffress.

Jodi Lytle Buckman

Vice President of Community Services

As a college student, Jodi Buckman planned to attend veterinary school, but she was offered a job leading a shelter in Maine shortly after graduating, and she never looked back.

Rebecca Holmes

Vice President of People

With a passion for creating exceptional employment experiences for employees, Rebecca Holmes joins the Dumb Friends League team as Director of Human Resources.

Angela King

Vice President of Philanthropy

Angela brings 20 years of nonprofit fundraising experience, primarily in higher education, to the League. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a master’s degree in Community Development, Nonprofit management, both from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Katie Parker

Vice President of Sheltering

Katie Parker, the Dumb Friends League’s Vice President of Operations, spent the past 16 years in animal welfare. “I have lived within one mile of the League for most of my life, and it was my first exposure to the world of homeless pets,” said Katie.




Janice Kercheville

Vice Chair

Emily Williams

Immediate Past Chair

Amanda Phillips-DeSaverio


Ann Hinkins


Kristi Arellano


  • Carla Beal
  • Cindy Brabander
  • Dr. Vicki Eppard
  • Councilperson Chris Hinds
  • Sarah Keys
  • Paul Latham
  • Mashenka Lundberg
  • Rob Morrill
  • Kate Paul
  • David D. Powell, Jr.
  • Katie Philpott Schoelzel
  • Steve Soechtig
  • Margaux Trammell
  • Tammeron Trujillo