• Don’s lucky charm

    Don’s lucky charm

    When Don first met Lucky at the Dumb Friends League in 2022, he was reeling from the tragic loss of two of his most significant relationships – his wife of nearly 64 years in 2016 and, more recently, his beloved dog, Wilson, who passed suddenly after a diagnosis of cancer. Feeling the need for a… read more.

  • A Little Grace Goes a Long Way

    A Little Grace Goes a Long Way

    Jaxon, an 80-pound spotted dog with floppy ears and a heart of gold, has always had a lot to say … and he never misses an opportunity to speak his busy, inquisitive mind in a million different ways! It’s how he found himself at the Dumb Friends League when his previous owner could no longer… read more.

  • Cooper gets a leg up at Harmony Equine Center 

    Cooper gets a leg up at Harmony Equine Center 

    Cooper – a neglected, 3-month-old palomino paint horse – came to the Dumb Friends League last August through the vital work of our Colorado Humane Society (CHS) program. Our CHS investigators work with law enforcement and other partners across the state to prevent and investigate animal mistreatment and promote animal welfare on a broad scale.… read more.

  • Karma finds her one and only

    Karma finds her one and only

    Karmen (now known as Karma) was just a few months old when a compassionate passerby found her on the street, injured and alone, and brought her to the Dumb Friends League. Our veterinary services team suspected the painful wounds on her face and in her eyes were likely caused by chemical or electrical burns. This… read more.

  • Dash finds peace of mind

    Dash finds peace of mind

    Seeing Dash now, it’s hard to imagine where the quietly inquisitive horse was just five years ago before arriving at the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center. The veterinarian who examined Dash described him as “the walking dead” due to his ill health and severely emaciated condition. Like most of the horses, ponies, donkeys, and… read more.

  • Building trust to last a lifetime

    Building trust to last a lifetime

    Rachel has always had a soft spot in her heart for older dogs, especially those who have experienced the emotional and physical wounds of cruelty and neglect. As a therapist, her empathy and drive to help others – both human and animal – runs deep. “I promised myself throughout my life that, as soon as… read more.

  • Life is golden with Millie

    Life is golden with Millie

    No one knows exactly what happened to Millie on that day in late March of 2020. At least not for sure, that is. When her original owner came home, she found the small goldendoodle puppy at the bottom of the staircase in pain and acting strangely. Millie, her muzzle swollen, also had burn wounds in… read more.

  • Matilda


    This sweet kitty is loving life and making friends in her new home. read more.

  • Chip


    Chip quickly became a staff favorite at the Dumb Friends League, so we were overjoyed when he finally found his forever home. He is settling in nicely, exploring his new surroundings and making sure to give big sloppy kisses to his new family. read more.

  • Axel


    Axel (previously Jackie) is loving life in his new home. This sweet pup loves to take naps near the cat of the home. read more.