We love hearing from our adopters with stories about their new furry family members! Below is a collection of Dumb Friends League pet adoption success stories. If you have a story you’d like to see on this page, please share it with us here.


Chip quickly became a staff favorite at the Dumb Friends League, so we were overjoyed when he finally found his forever home. He is settling in nicely, exploring his new surroundings and making sure to give big sloppy kisses to his new family.


Axel (previously Jackie) is loving life in his new home. This sweet pup loves to take naps near the cat of the home.


This sweet kitty is loving life and making friends in her new home.


Helgi is fitting in quite nicely into his new home. He has quickly taken to cuddling with his grandma!


Stormy was one of our staff favorite featured pets, and we are happy to report that she has found an amazing fur-ever home! Check her out relaxing with her new mom. We are so happy that Stormy met her perfect match.


Sweet Bailey, the beautiful chocolate lab, has been enjoying her new home with her new family! Bailey’s mom decided to adopt her after fostering her and realizing she couldn’t imagine life without this sweet pup!


This lovely boy has settled in great to his new and loving home. Sweet Romeo’s family reports that everything is going great with their new furry companion.


Nigel was adopted by a loving couple. They have some amazing grandkids to give Nigel all the cuddles and love that he deserves. Here he is heading home with his new family! Look at that big smile on his face.


Max was one of our longest stay dogs, when his new adopter saw a post on Facebook all about the handsome pup needing a home. She immediately knew that Max was the dog for her, and the rest is history! Look how excited Max was to meet his new family ?.


A wonderful family adopted Honey after recently losing their beloved mastiff. We received an update that their young daughter woke up from her nap one afternoon saying, “dog, dog, dog.” They are all adjusting well and Honey is so loved already.


Leo was a staff favorite due to his cuddly nature and sweet attitude. He is doing amazingly at his new home, fitting right in with his new family.


Sweet and adorable Kaine was very excited to be heading home with his adopter! His new family even stopped for a special treat for him on the way home!


Atlas is a sweet, young, high energy pit bull that came into the shelter on Jan 16 and found his forever home on May 9, 2020! What a change the perfect home can make for an animal – and their family. He is also on his way to fame, with his very own Instagram page (@atlasthepitmix)! What wonderful ambassadors for the breed Atlas and his adopter are.?


Here is Monkey, happily relaxing with his new family. They absolutely LOVE having him in their home.


Angel (formerly Clara) is having a wonderful time setting into her new home. Her new family is spending plenty of time making sure that they are loving and spoiling their new family member.


Check out what Malikai’s new family had to say…”my cup runneth over.  Huge appreciations to you for finding me the most perfect companion.  We are smitten!”


Sadie happily heading home with her new fur-ever family. Toy and all!


Miles is absolutely loving life in his new home!


Oso has found a fantastic family. They enjoy spending time outdoors, especially going on hikes together!


Moira has happily settled into her home with her new family and dog sibling! They have become fast friends and love to play hide and seek.


Jasper’s new family has been figuring out how to get him into their lives. They decided there is no time like the present! Jasper’s favorite thing is helping his family work from home by jumping in on conference calls.