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Regardless of your dog or cat’s behavior, we offer several free options to help!

Our team of behavior specialists provides enrichment, daily training, and when necessary, additional behavior support to pets in our shelters so that they become the best possible candidates for adoption.

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Safe Toys

There are many factors that contribute to the safety or danger of a toy. Among them are your cat's size, activity level and personal preference. Another is the environment in which your cat spends his time. Although we can't guarantee your cat's enthusiasm or his safety with any...

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Caring for animals when the weather outside is frightful

When the weather turns cold and the temperature drops, taking extra precautions is essential to protect the animals who live in our homes and neighborhoods. The bitter cold poses significant health and safety risks to pets, community animals, and wildlife...

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Dogs are complex animals that may display a variety of different behaviors in any given situation. Any dog–from your best friend at home to the stray dog on the street–will react differently, and possibly unexpectedly, to people, places and other animals. Animal behavior can shift from moment to moment, so...

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We recommend that you keep your dog indoors, unless you're present to supervise his time outside. Dogs are social creatures and need to socialize with you and the world around them. By walking your dog regularly (at least twice a day), you can provide him with the exercise and mental...

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Be sure to make this holiday season safe and enjoyable for everyone in your family by observing the following pet safety tips:

  • If you have a live Christmas tree, keep the water stand covered. Pine sap mixed with water makes a poisonous drink for your pet. The smell...

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Halloween is a fun holiday for humans, but there are some things you should do to make sure it doesn't get scary for pets. Here are some tips that will help keep pets safe:

  • Protect your pets on Halloween by keeping them indoors. A pet that's out at night...

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  • Never leave your pet in a parked car. Even cracked windows won't protect your pet from overheating or suffering from heat stroke during hot summer days.
  • Exercise your dog in the early morning or evening hours, instead of during the middle of the day when it's hottest.
  • If your...

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If you find a wild animal, please refrain from touching and or moving the animal until you reference these resources:

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Phone: 970.472.4300

Phone: 303.239.4501, after hours - dispatched by State Troopers

Wildlife Rehabilitation by County

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center


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