Pet Resource Center

A Sign of Respect

The Dumb Friends League Pet Resource Center offers wellness and educational services to prevent suffering in pets whose caretakers would otherwise be unable to provide this care. Out of respect for our clients and out of concern of creating barriers when documentation is challenging, we serve our clients on an honor system. If you can otherwise afford to provide wellness care for your pet, please obtain that care from one of the excellent veterinarians in our community. Services offered by the Pet Resource Center are made possible by donations intended to create a safety net so no pet suffers.

Through our Pet Resource Center, we reach out in a spirit of compassion to pet owners in underserved areas by providing services to help keep pets healthy, happy, and in their homes. Pet owners in underserved areas can get vaccines and microchips for their pets at reduced fees, subsidized by Dumb Friends League donors. Owners can also receive information and training in pet care, pet hygiene, and behavior.

Vaccine Clinic Fees

Mobile vaccine clinics are offered in different parts of the Denver metro area in partnership with community host sites. For $20, cats and dogs can receive both the rabies and distemper vaccine.  Microchips for cats and dogs and FeLV vaccines for cats are $25. We accept cash, check or credit cards for payment. Donations are greatly appreciated.


Adult cats and dogs can be seen annually for vaccination. Puppies and kittens must be 6 weeks old to receive the distemper shot and 4 months old for the rabies shot. No income qualification is required.

Post-vaccine instructions

Vaccine reaction information

Vaccine clinic schedules

Given the increase of COVID-19 cases in the Denver community, the Dumb Friends League is suspending pet vaccination clinics for pets as of November 20th out of concern for our staff, volunteers and the general public.  We look forward to resuming this public service as soon as we can do so safely.

Spay/Neuter Clinic Services will continue at this time.  In the event that a “Stay at Home” order is issued by the Denver mayor or Colorado governor, spay/neuter services will also be suspended.

The League has provided shelter and care to homeless pets and urgent care services to pets in our community throughout the pandemic.  We will continue to offer these core essential services as long as it is safe to do so.

Community Education Class Fees

The Pet Resource Center offers classes in basic pet care, pet hygiene, and pet behavior. Our education classes are offered FREE to Pet Resource Center patrons. No income qualification is required

Community Education Class schedules

Community education classes are held on varying days and locations. Patrons can schedule an appointment through the online form below or by calling 303.751.5772.

Please note that due to COVID-19 precautions, our education classes are currently on hold. We hope to offer these services again as soon as it is safe to do so. In the interim, pet owners can access virtual information on pet care, pet hygiene, and pet behavior at