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Who will choose you?

who will choose you?Sometimes, our pets have a way of choosing us rather than the other way around. It’s a common belief that we hear from a great many adopters who have visited our shelters. A longing look into your eyes…a tiny paw up on the kennel glass…an incessantly wagging tail that makes you smile—while that special connection may come in many different forms, our adopters agree when they tell us, “My pet chose me.”

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Introducing Chloe

ChloeThe newest addition to the Harmony Equine Center (and another on the way!)

On Saturday, we welcomed the newest addition to the Dumb Friends League family—a foal named Chloe who was born at our Harmony Equine Center! Mom and baby are doing well and are under the loving care of our equine center staff. Chloe is a fun, playful filly with lots of personality and will eventually be available for adoption when she is old enough.

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Recognizing our volunteers

national volunteer dayIn honor of National Volunteer Week, we want to recognize all of our incredible volunteers, who work tirelessly on behalf of the homeless pets and horses at our shelters every day. We couldn’t do our lifesaving work without the help of more than 1,300 compassionate volunteers who are involved in every aspect of our organization.

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Minnie, the miracle dog

Minnie the miracle dogMinnie was a tiny, 10-year-old Chihuahua who came to the Dumb Friends League with a severe heart murmur and a skin condition that caused her to lose most of her hair. Her health issues didn’t affect her lively spirit, however—she was one of the sweetest, happiest, most lovable dogs we’d ever met. But because of the severity of her heart murmur, our veterinarians expected she only had a few weeks to live, a couple of months at most.

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I am Harold . . . hear me roar

Harold the catHarold and I are doing very well. He spent the first week in hiding; he would come out briefly for food and some cuddle time. The second week, he came out a little more every day, but would only stay in the kitty room I put together for him, even though I had a baby gate up so he could come and go.

At the end of week two, I took him in to have his mouth checked out at the Dumb Friends League because he’d had several teeth removed. He hated the car ride, but was great while the vet examined him.

I got back home, and within a few hours he was wandering around the house and exploring, completely unfettered by my dogs and curiously playful with my other cats. He slept with me that night. He is curled up on my lap as I write this now.

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