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June 23, 2017

Help! My pet is lost!

Last year, the Dumb Friends League reunited more than 1,600 lost pets with their owners. Kip was one of those lucky pets. He had already been missing for three months when he arrived at the Dumb Friends League. Fortunately, Kip had been implanted with a microchip, which had his owner’s up-to-date contact information, so he was reunited with his owner Thomas.

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Lab mix Sueno

Call him “Mellow Yellow”

In Spanish, Sueno means dream, and this healthy, athletic, 6-year-old yellow Lab mix is a dreamboat of a dog. He came to our shelter after being relinquished by an elderly owner who could no longer keep him. Sweeter than cream and utterly laid back, Sueno loves treats, scratches, sunbathing and playing outside.

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Boxer rocky

June 22, 2017

Rocky the Boxer’s hard road to happiness

Rocky, a handsome and friendly boxer mix, arrived at the Dumb Friends League after apparently being hit by a car. His injuries were life threatening—he was disoriented and had suffered a head trauma.

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June 19, 2017

Muttley Crew: Lonely Guinevere awaits her hero

“Guinevere.” The name conjures fables of King Arthur’s famously beautiful wife, a medieval hottie whose long, flowing hair and come-hither looks bewitched his majesty’s right-hand knight, Sir Lancelot. Right now, we have our very own Guinevere at the Quebec Street Shelter—and we’d like her story to end happily ever after.

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  • Enter your pic in our 2018 Pet Photo Contest!
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Working with our compassionate community, we will end pet homelessness and animal suffering.

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