The Colorado Humane Society (CHS) has been a program of the Dumb Friends League since 2010. Our work spans across local communities to help protect Colorado animals through outreach, education, and advocacy.  

What do we do?

  • Prevent Cruelty and Neglect: We strive to eliminate the mistreatment of animals throughout Colorado.
  • Enforce Laws: We collaborate, counsel, aid and cooperate with other personnel and agencies in the enforcement of laws relating to the cruelty and neglect of animals.
  • Educate the Public: Through various channels, we raise awareness about animal welfare issues throughout the state.
  • Advocate:  We serve as advocates for the humane treatment of animals through the support of animal-friendly legislation statewide.
  • Resource Hub: We provide resources for all individuals and groups interested in preventing cruelty and neglect of all animals in Colorado.

How you can help:

Find your local agency

Find the agency in your area that investigates reports of animal mistreatment or neglect.

Many of these local agencies have Bureau of Animal Protection (BAP) agents on staff and resources to respond rapidly to public reports of animal mistreatment or neglect.


If you witness animal cruelty or neglect, contact local law enforcement, local animal control, or submit a report to the Dumb Friends League.

For more resources, visit the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Animal Protection (BAP) program website.

You can also submit an anonymous tip through the Metro Denver Colorado Crime Stoppers website, or call 720.913.9867 (STOP) 

Unsure where to start? Contact the Dumb Friends League at 303.751.5772 for assistance.

Why report animal abuse? 

Reporting animal abuse isn’t just about animals – it’s about preventing future violence.

Reporting animal abuse or neglect isn’t just about protecting animals – it is also about keeping whole communities safe. Studies indicate that people who intentionally harm animals may be more likely to commit violent crimes toward people. By taking the time to report your concerns, you’ll not only be supporting the animals involved, but you’ll also help prevent and/or end harm to people, break the cycle of violence, and improve the quality of life for everyone in your community. Most reports are resolved through education, assistance, and enforcement.

Teamwork makes the dream work:

When law enforcement, animal welfare organizations and government agencies work together, the fight against animal cruelty and neglect becomes much more efficient and effective.