When Dustin brought Ace to the Dumb Friends League for community veterinary care, the tiny, 2-month-old kitten was suffering from a severe—and excruciating—case of conjunctivitis. Because the infection had destroyed his eyes, the veterinarian recommended that they both be surgically removed—and fast.

Removing his eyes was critical to relieving his pain and giving him a fighting chance at a comfortable life. Luckily, the League’s incredible veterinarians were up for the challenge—and Ace pulled through like the champion he is.

Thanks to generous supporters like you, the League is able to provide high-quality veterinary services for people and pets who otherwise wouldn’t have access to care. Today, Ace is thriving at home with Dustin and his two feline siblings. Despite his lack of vision, he spends his days fearlessly playing, pouncing, and getting into everything he can – like every growing cat should.

The League’s commitment to accessible community veterinary care has saved countless lives—and your support makes it all possible. Will you continue to show up for animals in need by sending your best gift today?