After living most of his life with almost no human contact, Finn was terrified of new people and environments.

Seven-year-old Finn spent most of his time at the Dumb Friends League afraid to interact with our staff and volunteers, even with specialized behavioral support. Unfortunately, unsocialized animals like Finn can become underdogs when it comes to adoption. Their anxiety may be perceived as burdensome or unfriendly, so finding a home for them can be challenging.

Sadly, the next three months passed by without a single potential adopter requesting to meet Finn. Eventually, he became known as one of our “longest stay” shelter residents.

Finn’s luck changed when a woman named Rachel visited the League looking for a dog just like him. At first, building trust was difficult. But, thanks to Rachel’s loving commitment to his well-being, Finn has begun to feel more comfortable with her and other people. Today, he cozies up with Rachel for couch snuggles, accepts treats from her hand, and happily visits dog parks. While he’ll need lifelong support, Rachel is overjoyed with everything they have accomplished so far. According to Rachel,

I’m so proud of [Finn’s] willingness to trust humans again. Every day, he is less fearful, which makes me so happy to see. Thank you all so much at the Dumb Friends League for all the kindness and support you’ve shown Finn and me.

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