Help people and pets in need stay together.

Do you have a passion for helping pets and people? Have you ever felt drawn to fostering an animal but weren’t quite sure where to begin? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you!

The Dumb Friends League is currently in need of compassionate volunteers to foster animals in our Pet Assist program. With the help of people like you, Pet Assist provides free, short-term foster care for pets whose families need help caring for them while they cope with hardships related to housing insecurity, domestic violence, and unexpected injuries or illnesses. Without a program like this, many of our fellow community members—both human and animal—could lose the most important relationship in their lives at a time when love and companionship mean the very most. But with your support, there is hope.

In addition to helping your neighbors, becoming a Pet Assist foster volunteer has rewards for you as well. Take it from Wendy, one of our loyal foster parents in the program: “It feels really great to know that I’ve helped someone be able to [bring] their loved pet home again after getting back on their feet.” If you’re feeling worried about becoming attached to a pet you foster, fear not. Many of our volunteers have shared that this isn’t much of a concern. According to foster parent Jenn, “With Pet Assist, it’s easy because you know they already have an owner who loves them.”

Interested in making a difference? Great! To be a Pet Assist volunteer, you:

  • Do not need prior experience with animals. We’ll provide you with training and ongoing support throughout your foster parent journey.
  • Must foster at least one animal in the program per year to stay active.
  • Must commit to providing 30 consecutive days of foster care per animal, with opportunities to foster for shorter and longer periods.
  • Must complete a home inspection before you foster your first animal.
  • Should live no more than an hour away from our Leslie A. Malone Center in Denver so you can attend veterinary and other appointments, as necessary.
  • Need to keep in mind that you cannot adopt the animals you foster. They already have a wonderful home waiting for them!

Animals in the Pet Assist program are often relatively easy to care for, given the background and care information we receive from their families. That said, many have been through a lot, and may take some time to settle in and share their personality.

If selected for an interview, you will have an opportunity to express your interest in fostering for Pet Assist.
Thank you—we look forward to hearing from you!