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Adopt a horse and we’ll waive the adoption fee for a companion horse.
– Or – Adopt a companion horse for half-off their adoption fee.

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We’re casting a special spotlight on some exceptional equines – companion horses! These incredible horses – who, for varying reasons, can’t be ridden – have SO much to offer, providing endless fun, love, and essential companionship for both humans and other animals. Horses are herd animals at heart and thrive mentally, socially, and physically when in the company of at least one other horse. Plus, have you heard? People who spend quality time with horses often experience these perks too!

From February 19 through March 31, the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center™ is increasing your chance to fall head over hooves for a new barn bestie. During this period, we’ll waive the adoption fee for a companion horse when you adopt any other horse in our care. Think of it as our way of ensuring that each new friend you adopt has a special herd mate! Additionally, if you are interested in a companion horse to keep your current animals company, look no further! Until March 31, we’re also taking 50% off the adoption fees for single companion horses. As is standard, all horses at Harmony are up to date on vaccinations, dewormer, and farrier care – so you can focus on building your new relationship! Together.

Companion horses are wonderfully stunning animals who enrich the life of anyone who is lucky enough to know them. In fact, our staff and volunteers frequently consider companion horses to be their favorites! With their sparkling personalities and sweet nature, we know you will too.

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