1. Contact the Dumb Friends League – Allow our team to help you leave a meaningful legacy gift by contacting us with any questions at plannedgiving@ddfl.org or 303.751.5772. Please know there will never be an expectation or obligation to complete a gift.
  2. Submit the Estate Notification Form – Notify us of your gift and enroll in the Dr. Mary E. Bates Founders Society. There is no minimum contribution to join. To locate the Estate Notification Form, please visit ddfl.org/donation-center or reach out to a member of our team.
  3. Complete your Pet Guardianship Forms – Your pets will be cared for according to the instructions you provide. In your Pet Guardianship Forms, include important care information, including your pet’s medical history, dietary requirements, food allergies, daily routine, and more.
  4. Engage with Our Community of Animal Supporters – Join the Founders Society members at our annual luncheon, request facility tours, and receive the League’s Closer View newsletter to stay informed and connected.