Dr. Mary E. Bates, a Denver physician, was one of the early leaders of the Dumb Friends League, and she remained a driving force at the organization for many years. Upon her death in 1954, she left an estate gift that provided for homeless pets well beyond her lifetime.

The Dr. Mary E. Bates Founders Society honors individuals who have included the League in their estate plans. Benefits include:

  • An invitation to our annual appreciation luncheon
  • Recognition at our shelters
  • Subscription to Closer View, our quarterly newsletter demonstrating the impact of your vital support
  • The option to enroll your pets in the League’s Pet Guardianship Program

Estate Notification Form

Notify us of your gift and enroll in the Dr. Mary E. Bates Founders Society. There is no minimum contribution to join.

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Founders Society Membership

Pet Guardianship Program

Once you have become a member of the Founders Society, you may designate the Dumb Friends League as the temporary guardian for any pets or equines who outlive you. Cats, dogs, and small mammals will stay in a volunteer foster home until they are adopted, while horses and other equines will enjoy life at our Harmony Equine Center in Franktown. Email us at plannedgiving@ddfl.org to learn more.