In late July, historic flooding swept through parts of Eastern Kentucky, leaving behind a path of destruction in its wake. As disaster relief personnel and funds poured in from across the country, the Dumb Friends League welcomed the opportunity to lend a helping hand to several recently displaced four-legged friends from the devastated Kentucky community.

Soon after the floodwaters subsided, 19 happy and healthy dogs from the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) arrived at the League, where they were met with open arms. These dogs, who were already up for adoption at KHS, were part of the organization’s larger effort to disperse their shelter population across the country to make room for animals impacted by the natural disaster. The transfer of more than 100 cats and dogs – which was facilitated by the ASPCA – provided much needed space for pets displaced or injured by the floods, in the hopes that they will be reunited with their families as quickly as possible.

Upon their arrival at the Dumb Friends League on August 11, each dog was evaluated individually and received necessary medical and behavioral treatment. Excitement was in the air as dogs of all shapes and sizes took their first steps in the Colorado sunshine after their long, cross-country journey.

As a community rebuilds nearly 1,000 miles away, these sweet Bluegrass State transplants are looking to share their love with the right person or family here in Colorado. Could it be you?

Keep an eye on our adoptions page or stop by the Leslie A. Malone Center in Denver to meet these and other pets waiting for their new homes!