When investigators from the Colorado Humane Society (CHS), a program of the Dumb Friends League, first laid eyes on Blossom in early March, his fragile body was trapped in thick, heavy mud that rose to his starving belly and suctioned him to the ground. Unable to move and access nourishment, the young, lifeless colt seemed to have given up all hope. Fortunately, our caregivers were there – to lift him from despair and surround him with safety and love.

In a joint effort that would soon become routine, our CHS and Harmony teams gently raised the 300+ pound baby from the cold muck and onto his unsteady feet, helping him take his first steps toward recovery. Seeing how dire his condition was, League staff worked quickly to transfer him to our Harmony Equine Center in Franktown. “I believe [Blossom] would have died had he not been brought in when he was,” said Dr. Courtney Diehl, Equine Field Services Veterinarian for the League.

Now in our care, Blossom is receiving vital nourishment, medical treatment, and individualized affection from our equine staff and volunteers – likely for the first time in his short life. When he first arrived at our doors, Blossom’s mane and coat were matted and infested with lice, only adding to his discomfort. Given the disease and malnourishment he has endured, he is still experiencing severe weakness, often struggling to stand when his frail and stiff legs give out. Multiple times a day, our team rushes to his side to catch his fall. 

“Every time [Blossom] is hoisted to his feet, he wobbles, gets his balance, stretches, shakes, pees, poops, and goes to eating … and eating and eating,” said Dr. Diehl. “[He] then meanders around his stall and attached outdoor run, dozing in the sunshine.” As Blossom has regained some strength over the past month, he is also slowly learning to trust people. During this pivotal time, when tomorrow isn’t promised, Blossom’s caretakers at the League have been a constant. They bring buckets of food and water to his mouth, gently massage his painful limbs, and check on him in the wee hours of the morning. Most of all, they are there to help him get back on his feet – time and time again.

This dedication, combined with Blossom’s own resilience and tenacity of spirit, has helped him make wonderful progress. In fact, one could say that he is blossoming before our eyes. After three weeks in our care, Blossom found the energy to nicker to his Harmony family! “It was so lovely to see some personality emerging from this sad little shadow of a baby,” Dr. Diehl said. More recently, he reached an awesome, much anticipated milestone – he was finally able to stand on his own! To say “Team Blossom” celebrated this victory is an understatement. “For all the times we’ve lifted Blossom up, today he lifted us up,” remarked Dr. Diehl. “We needed that.”

However, Blossom is not out of the woods yet. Like so many horses and other equines in our care, he needs continued support to heal from the trauma of his earliest days. Thanks to generous and compassionate supporters like you, we are able to provide lifesaving care, rehabilitation, and positive training for horses like Blossom each and every day.

Please consider supporting Blossom’s continued care by donating to the League today.