Every day at the Dumb Friends League we are fortunate help pets find their new beginnings. Each animal arriving at the shelter with a different history, each waiting to meet a new family. While sometimes we are just a part of a particular animal’s story, there are occasions where we get to play a supporting role, like with our friend Robbie the dog. We invite you to join us on this journey with Robbie. A tale that at points is hard to read but important to tell. A story that has no ending but rather a new beginning.

Rescued dog starts his journey to recovery

It all started the day before Thanksgiving. Robbie was rushed to a local veterinary hospital after kind individuals found him alone with injuries covering his body. Initially, it was thought these wounds were from being hit by a car, but It didn’t take long to recognize that the injuries that ran from his head to tail were severe burns.

Robbie was quickly transferred to the Dumb Friends League Leslie A. Malone Center where our veterinary team carefully examined his wounds, determined the best treatment to help the suffering pup and gently cleaned his wounds to help alleviate his pain. With the severity of Robbie’s condition, it was unclear if he would survive his ordeal, but the League’s team was prepared to give the affectionate pup every chance possible at a better life.

 Veterinary Services Team Lead, Judy, said, “They were probably the most severe burns I’ve ever seen.” Since burns typically take a few days to declare themselves, the severity of Robbie’s injuries was unknown. “It was touch and go at the beginning,” said Judy. “He was very thin, and we just didn’t know how his body was going to be able to bounce back from that kind of injury.”

In addition to treating Robbie at the shelter, Judy welcomed him into her home as his foster parent where she helped provide him with the careful veterinary care he needed in a safe space to feel at home as he continued to heal. And, despite all his pain, it didn’t take long for Robbie’s playful and affectionate personality to blossom. 

After two months of treatment, Robbie’s condition began to improve, and it was time for him to start the next stage of his journey – finding a new family. 

Homeless dog meets a new family

Dana had been looking for a new dog to join her family and found herself checking the League’s adoption page. One day, Dana noticed Robbie and, according to her, he looked “perfect for us.” 

The family came to the shelter to meet Robbie, and it was love at first sight. Dana said, “Immediately, I just loved him, and he loved me.” As a social worker, Dana was also drawn to Robbie because of all he had been through, and despite everything, she said, “He was still the most loving, sweet dog.”

And, that’s how it started—a new beginning for a dog with an unknown past. Robbie has already made an incredible impact on everyone who has met him. His perseverance and general happy demeanor are a reminder of brighter days ahead.

You can support the care of pets like Robbie by making a donation to the Dumb Friends League. Visit ddfl.org today to help pets in need.