Since its humble beginnings in 1994, the Dumb Friends League Furry Scurry has made a difference in the lives of thousands of homeless pets and horses across Colorado. Over three decades, this unique community dog walk and fun-filled festival has grown into a beloved Denver tradition attended by our compassionate supporters and their loyal animal companions. More than 3,600 people “scurried” in 2022, each helping to raise over $625,000 to support the animals in our care and community. This anniversary year, our signature fundraiser will take place on May 6, and we hope it will be our furriest and most impactful one yet.

The longevity of the Furry Scurry is largely due to the people and pets who participate year after year. Known as our “Premier Pals,” these dedicated supporters have walked countless miles, raised or given many dollars, and, through time, helped create a community event unlike any other. Jim, one of our most loyal Premier Pals, has participated in every Furry Scurry but one – when he was living out of state. He and his family used to walk with their dog, Duke, until he sadly passed away in 2016. “[Considering] we no longer have a dog, the Furry Scurry gives me the fix I so desperately need,” said Jim. “Getting to see so many dogs and loving owners in one place makes me look forward to the event every year.”

In addition to wagging tails and smiling faces, Jim shared that his love for the Furry Scurry stems from the impact it has for animals and people alike. “The Furry Scurry really opened my eyes to the issues of animal homelessness and [mistreatment],” he said. “These issues have become my passions over the years and, because of my involvement, my entire family and many friends now adopt [from shelters] when they’re ready for a new furry friend.”

We hope to see you and your squad at the 30th annual Furry Scurry! In addition to registeringas an individual or creating a team, you can go the extra mile for the animals in our care by sharing and reposting event details, volunteering on May 6, and raising funds to support our lifesaving work. And don’t worry if you’re new to fundraising – our Furry Scurry website has you covered withtips, tricks, and great incentivesto get you started! Take it from Jim, who has consistently been one of our top 20 Furry Scurry fundraisers:

Asking friends and family to donate is super easy through [using] the online tools. It’s amazing how many people [give] just because they see I’m participating and want to support the Dumb Friends League… Since the Furry Scurry is [the League’s] number one fundraiser, so much of the good work they do wouldn’t be possible without it.

Register today at We can’t wait to see you and your furry friends on Saturday, May 6!