Hi! Hey, over here! My name is Levon and have I got an opportunity for you! I’ve always been one to seize the day – once I set a goal for myself, there’s simply no stopping me. That’s why I’m excited to tell you about the chance of a lifetime to become my new furever family! I’m currently accepting applications and meeting with interested adopters at the Dumb Friends League Leslie A. Malone Center. Come on down – I’d love to learn all about you and see whether we are a fit.

Opportunity Description:

I’ve been at the League since October, so I spent the holidays more or less on my own. Don’t get me wrong – my caregivers here are wonderful, but it’s not the same as having people all to myself. Every day, I see nice humans walk by my kennel, and even though I run and jump to try to get their attention, it hasn’t seemed to work – at least not yet. All I want to do is tell them what makes me so special – well, that and play fetch with them in the Colorado sunshine.

Over the past three months, as I’ve patiently waited for the right family to come along, I’ve thought a lot about what I want in the future. Knowing that my dreams are just as important as anyone else’s, I came up with a detailed wish list, an “opportunity description,” if you will. Here’s the bottom line: I’m seeking a kind and patient family who will calm me when I’m anxious, nurture me when I’m down, forgive me when I fumble, and love me when I’m goofy – which is most of the time!

Sounds like a pretty sweet gig, right? This opportunity is available now – blink, and you’ll miss it!


  • Playtime: Have I mentioned I love to play? I’m an active guy with lots of energy, and active play helps me release it in a fun and healthy way! Prospective applicants should put a lot of emphasis on play, designating time for it regularly and often. I am particularly partial to playing fetch with people I love.
  • Walks, walks, and more walks: Do you count your steps like I do? I’ll be happy to work with you on meeting your fitness resolutions in 2022! It would be amazing if my future home had lots of space to explore on walks – a big backyard or friendly neighborhood would do just fine. But, please, no dog parks. Applicants will need to be on the lookout for other curious dogs who want to say hello since I prefer to keep to myself when getting fresh air.
  • Regular veterinarian check-ups: Successful applicants must commit to routine veterinary appointments to support my health and well-being. Now that I’m 7 years young, I have some arthritis. Luckily, it’s not slowing me down, but I will need help managing it. I also had a scrotal mass removed when I first came to the League in the fall. The doctors removed it completely, but I need your help making sure it doesn’t come back.


  • Team player: I need you to help me get the physical – and mental – stimulation that I need. This means taking time to smell the roses with me on walks, playing silly enrichment games to exercise my brain, and letting me be a dog. Did you know the League has helpful suggestions on some fun, out-of-the-box ways to keep me happy and entertained? It’s true! And, I can say from experience, they work like a charm. You should give these a look – I can’t do it without you!
  • Excellent time management: Applicants should have time to commit to my growth and development. I may be 7 years old, but who says you can’t teach an older dog new tricks? Not me!
  • Results-oriented: I’m still learning how to be the very best dog I can be. In fact, I’ve even worked with the behavior team at the League to learn how to manage my high arousal. Applicants should be committed to continuing this work at home and holding me accountable.
  • Top-notch loyalty: As I mentioned, dog parks aren’t for me, and I’ll need to be the only pup in your home. I’ve had some encounters in the past that have left me feeling a little wary and defensive around other dogs. Your steadfast devotion to me and my needs will be most appreciated!
  • Children over the age of 12. It’s no secret that I’m a big fella. Even though I mean no harm, I’ve been known to play a little rough. So, it’s best for me to surround myself with adults and older children.


This one is easy peasy. If you give me a task, I’ll do it with gusto while keeping you active. If you love me, I’ll love you even more. Oh, and you’ll have “job” security for life. I want to be your one and only, and I promise never to leave your side. Come visit me today and receive 50% off your adoption fee! And that’s not just for me! The good folks at the Dumb Friends League are giving me and eight of my other high-energy friends an extra boost for the entire month of January. And you know what that means – bringing me home will be an extra boost for you too as you start working on that New Year’s resolution to get active! Just ask for Levon or look for the stickers on our kennel windows that indicate “active dog!” I look forward to partnering with you on life’s next big adventure! If you choose me, I’ll choose you.