What do these facts have in common:  26 states across the country, thousands of participants and countless tail wags? Give up? They’re fun stats from last year’s Dumb Friends League Virtual Furry Scurry! This year’s Furry Scurry resembles last year’s event, but with one exception. We want to increase those numbers all around! Read on to see why you should register for the Virtual Furry Scurry!

  1. It’s a walk (or a run or a leisurely stroll) in the park, around your neighborhood, on your treadmill!
  2. You’re helping animals! When you register for Virtual Furry Scurry, money raised goes to help provide veterinary care, behavior training, foster care and so much more to homeless pets and horses at the League.
  3. Friends and family from around the country can participate, so make a team with your tribe no matter where they live, which, let’s face it, will just add to your Zoom calls!
  4. Walk any time now through May 31. But (because there’s always a but), we’d love for you to participate on May 1, which is the actual event day
  5. It’s fun!
  6. The animals in our care need your support more than ever.
  7. Swag. Everyone likes swag, right? When you register for Virtual Furry Scurry, you get a cool t-shirt that will let the world know you’re an advocate for animals.
  8. It’s a bargain! Prices increase as we get closer to the event, so don’t wait!
  9. You can still get involved even during a pandemic.
  10. There are no bathroom lines. Enough said.

There are thousands of adorable, furry reasons you should register. Our shelter doors are open to pets and horses each and every day—young, old, healthy, ill, injured, lost, surrendered, abused or neglected, we turn no animals away. Events like the Virtual Furry Scurry help us ensure each animal receives the care they need. When you register for the Virtual Furry Scurry, you help make all of this possible!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit furryscurry.org and register today! The pets and horses in our care will be forever grateful for your support and will virtually send you a round of appaws!