In this fiscal year’s issues of Closer View, we’re profiling each strategic focus area and sharing what it means and how we are accomplishing our goals. We hope you become as excited about our pillars as we are!

Four years had passed since the creation of the Dumb Friends League’s previous strategic plan, and some goals were accomplished, while others were rendered obsolete due to changes within the community. The time had come to engage our staff leadership and board of directors in a “dream big” exercise.

The February 2020 two-day facilitated planning session led to a roadmap of innovation to increase our impact on vulnerable pets and their families as we fulfill our mission to end pet homelessness and animal suffering.

Information gathered during the conversations became the focus areas that make up our new strategic plan. (See related graphic.) Every year, the board of directors and staff leadership will review our accomplishments, retire accomplished goals and evaluate adding new goals. This rolling strategic plan will be a living, guiding document for our work well into the future.

Read more about the strategic plan process in the autumn 2020 issue of Closer View.

Update to the Strategic direction: Expand Socially Conscious Animal Communities throughout Colorado

With a focus on increased awareness and communication about Socially Conscious Sheltering, the team has been working to create and share information throughout the animal welfare community.

A fact sheet targeted at helping community members understand their role in creating the best outcomes for homeless pets is now available. The fact sheet, which is available in English and Spanish, is currently being distributed by our Solutions—Pet Resource Center and some of our partner organizations, and it’s also included in the Dumb Friends League adoptions packets.

The Socially Conscious Sheltering bill, House Bill 21-1160, was introduced in the state legislature the first week in March with bipartisan sponsorship. To kick-off the bill, the League worked with the sponsors to host a virtual “puppy press conference,” inviting media and legislators to showcase their pets while learning more about socially conscious sheltering. And with more than 30 shelters and rescues across the state signed-on in support of the bill, House Bill 1160 is hopefully on a path to success.

Working with our new videographer, the team also created a video introducing Socially Conscious Sheltering. The introduction video and a more in-depth training video are available on our website and will be shared with our partners as a resource for those interested in learning more about the model. Visit to watch the Socially Conscious Sheltering videos and find a host of other resources.

Read more about this strategic direction in the autumn 2020 issue of Closer View.

Update to the Strategic direction: Deliver exceptional service through the use of impactful technologies

It’s exciting to think about how technology can impact the animals at the Dumb Friends League and people throughout our community! Change is fueling this strategic direction in the most interesting ways, and it’s all about connecting.

We now offer a true video conference solution for adoption appointments for patrons who cannot come into the shelter. Whether someone is homebound, has transportation issues or other challenges coming into the League, we can support these types of appointments and give people the opportunity to “visit” and connect with adoptable animals and see their personalities, tail wags and nuzzles firsthand. Plus, this option also allows the animals in our care to spark a connection and find homes beyond the immediate area with families who may live farther away.

Soon, you’ll be able to pop on the League’s website and see how we care for animals, watch adoptable pets and learn more about the organization. Once the project is complete, there’ll be cameras in our dog kennels and in a cat colony to catch glimpses of all sorts of frolicking, interactions and maybe you’ll even spot your new companion.

With a goal to keep pets and families together, we’re always thinking about post-adoption support and resources. Ten videos ranging from “How to meet a dog” to “Fearful cats” are in the process of being created, so our Behavior team can address the top challenges seen in companion animals and give adopters and pets a little extra help if needed.

Through the work being done with this direction, we’re finding different ways to care for and support our patrons and animals—and that’s how technology connects us all!

Read more about this strategic direction in the winter 2020 issue of Closer View.