Horchata, a 10-pound Chinchilla mix, arrived at the Dumb Friends League with her rabbit siblings this past December. The patron explained that it was necessary to relinquish his pets due to personal problems and that they hadn’t been handled much recently. Horchata’s tendency toward being nervous meant she needed an experienced human, and it didn’t take long before she found her new home.

Deanna grew up with rabbits and developed a love for them. (Although, her rabbits lived outside in a shed and free-ranged the yard, which is dangerous.) Several years ago, Deanna and her daughter Sierra’s beloved rabbit Mufasa passed away, and they had been talking about adopting a new friend for their other rabbit Gregory, who seemed lonely and bored. “I hesitated because the bonding process of rabbits can be difficult, said Deanna.” “Not all rabbits take to each other, and it needs to be done a specific way.”

Unbeknownst to Deanna, Sierra decided it would be fun to surprise her mom and Gregory with a new companion, and she started looking at the League’s website. “There were two rabbits available, and she chose Horchata because she looked extra adorable and was so young that she could be more easily trained,” said Deanna. “Sierra thought the 10-pound weight was a typo, though. It’s not! Our first thoughts were how big she is, how beautiful her coloring is, how large her dewlap is, and we were concerned over her temperament. When I met Horchata, I cried a bit too because it was so special.”

Horchata is Deanna and Sierra’s fifth house rabbit, and they knew to take the introduction between their new addition and Gregory slowly. Horchata stayed in a large playpen for a few weeks, and then it took about a week of slowly getting the two together for them to become friends. “Sierra used stuffed animals and rubbed the scent of each rabbit for the other to snuggle with and get used to the scent,” said Deanna.

Deanna shared that Horchata is now a happy, spoiled house rabbit. Horchata and Gregory spend their days snuggling in bed, grooming each other and playing. “Baby equipment works well for rabbits,” said Deanna. “My rabbits love baby play mats, tents, ball pits and toys. The three-way tunnel for cats and a pet ottoman are great, too, along with the furry bed. Anything to keep them from getting bored is important—chew toys, apple sticks, boxes, wood castles, dig boxes, etc. help.”

Horchata has adjusted to her new home and family and is much more comfortable now and will tolerate head pets. “She’s very sweet, but rather distrusting of the humans,” said Deanna. “In our experience, that will probably improve within a year. It’s heartwarming to have Gregory intrigued and more active again. Rabbits are very social creatures.”

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“We are glad to have Horchata in our family. Thank you for providing a great service and reasonable fees so pets can be rehomed easily,” said Deanna.