When Tigger’s owners relinquished him to the care of the Dumb Friends League in April 2022, the 8-year-old pup followed the standard path most animals experience when they arrive at one of our shelters. First, our Intake staff welcomed Tigger with open arms, offering affection and documenting known details about his history. Soon after, they transferred him to the League’s Shelter Veterinary Services (SVS) team, who assessed his overall health, took blood work, and developed an appropriate treatment plan for his hypothyroidism. Next, he received comfort and nourishment from our Animal Care team in what would be his new, temporary home. Lastly, the Adoptions and Behavior Care teams identified and documented Tigger’s individual needs, which would require support and consideration when matching him with a loving family.

By summer, he was already a favorite among volunteer dog walkers and had become accustomed to gentle head pats and personal greetings from passersby on his daily strolls. Four months later, when the leaves began to turn and fall, Tigger was practically a celebrity around these parts. He touched hearts and brightened countless days. His kennel was covered in colorful, love-filled drawings and “adopt me” messages from our adoring Humane Education students. He even made an appearance on live TV and rose to social media stardom, with the hope that the right person would see him in all of his handsome, good boy glory.

Despite his wonderful nature, Tigger sadly (and inexplicably) continued to be one of our “longest stay” residents. But little did he know, Adrienne and Tammy were falling more and more in love with him each time he graced their screens on the League’s website and social media platforms.

Adrienne had recently lost her 16-year-old golden retriever, and as her broken heart slowly healed, she periodically checked our website to keep tabs on four-legged friends who were also looking for a companion. For months, Tigger’s familiar face stared back at her. Adrienne told us it was a TikTok video about Tigger’s daily routine that finally did the trick. She was ready to bring him home that very day! Her partner, Tammy, encouraged her to wait until the weekend, assuring Adrienne that if it was meant to be, it would be.

It was meant to be. 

On a cool day in October, Tigger met his new parents and, according to Adrienne, it was love at first sight. Following a successful adoption consultation and many tearful goodbyes from his “league” of admirers, Tigger was finally on his way home – riding in the car up front, surrounded by love. When he walked into his new house, he jumped up on the couch and settled right in; he had lots of time to make up for. It didn’t take Tigger long to learn the word “snuggle,” and, as it turns out, he never, ever turns down the opportunity to do just that.

These days, Tigger sleeps in bed every night, where he often pushes out one of his bedmates due to his large limbs and spectacular ability to splay and fully relax. Adrienne and Tammy are more than happy to oblige. In fact, when Tigger was unable to walk upstairs to the bedroom after a recent surgical procedure, the two relocated just to be near him. For two whole weeks, the couple snoozed on sleeping bags and pads on the floor so Tigger could still have his treasured cuddles when he needed them most.

When Tigger isn’t snuggled up with his parents, he can be found at his veterinarian’s office, where he holds the distinction of being their “part-time office dog.” There, he receives care and attention, models the latest in doggie fashion trends, and brushes up on his pop culture. According to Tammy, Tigger is calmest when listening to Taylor Swift and, really, who can blame him?

“He’s the perfect dog,” Tammy said adoringly. We couldn’t agree more.

Still can’t get enough of our favorite Swiftie? Keep an eye on our social media platforms over the next month as Tigger’s League legacy continues! This year, as the Furry Scurry turns 30 on May 6, Tigger will be the event’s official canine ambassador.

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