As a breed, huskies are very social, fun and entertaining, and to round out their personality; they’re also incredibly intelligent and mischievous. Maybe think of Yin and Yang. It’s impossible to make a blanket statement about a husky’s behavior (or any dog, really) because each one is unique. Still, they are independent and can be challenging for an owner not prepared for their needs. Thankfully, for sweet Bulma, an experienced human was looking for her!

A good Samaritan found Bulma on the side of the road, and her finder kept her for a few days while she posted on websites about the lost puppy and drove around looking for her owner. When no one came forward, the patron brought the 6-month-old pup to the Dumb Friends League Leslie A. Malone Center.

Seth grew up with a husky, and he and Shelby were looking for a companion to add to their family. For months, Seth had been watching the League’s website, waiting for that special dog to become available for adoption. One day, there was Bulma’s picture.

Bulma wasn’t at the League very long before Shelby and Seth came to meet her. “Right away when we met her, she crawled right into my lap as we were sitting on the floor,” said Shelby. “She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes, one is brown, and the other is half blue/brown, licked my face, and it just felt that we needed her in our lives.” After introducing herself to Shelby, Bulma went to Seth and promptly kissed him across his face. “It felt that she connected to us in a way, and we could tell that she was giving us her trust. We both knew that she was going to be ours,” said Shelby.

The trio made their way home, with Bulma content and sleeping in the car for the 30-minute ride. “When we got to the house, she was very curious about what it was and where she was,” said Shelby. “We introduced her and Sasha (our other dog), and right away, Sasha was kissing her face and seemed to be telling her that she is taking her under her wing. Bulma followed Sasha around the house for almost the entire day, as Sasha showed her that the couches are super comfy for napping and cuddling with their humans. Bulma also was a little scared at first of the stairs, but with some encouragement and Sasha showing her how, she learned.”

Bulma fits right in with her new family and enjoys daily walks and hikes in both sun and snow—bonus points if those hikes have puddles and mud! You can add No-hide bones, her giant lamb chop stuffed animal friend for cuddles at night, snuggles with her bestie Sasha and regular Friday afternoon Puppachinos to Bulma’s list of favs.

Huskies are incredibly smart and need mental and physical stimulation to keep out of mischief, and Shelby said it has been an interesting learning curve. “Bulma has escaped from her crate multiple times, and we have come home to her sleeping on the bed and couch. She is incredibly unique, and learning what keeps her stimulated has been fun because it has helped us to get to know her better.”

Shelby and Seth have also learned than when Bulma decides it’s time to play while they’re relaxing, she oh-so sweetly rests her head in one of their laps and looks up with the cutest puppy face to get their attention—and it works every single time!

“Every day is a new memory, smile and happy moment created with her,” said Shelby. “She has changed so much and is such a blessing.”

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