So many animals seem to possess a remarkable inner reserve of spirit and resilience in the face of adversity. Trigger – a gentle, dappled palomino who came to us in 2020 in desperate need of care – is one such heartwarming example. With a little help and a lot of love from his friends at the Dumb Friends League, Trigger was able to overcome significant trauma to become the thriving horse he is today.

You may remember Trigger – his tragic story ignited outrage in Colorado when video surfaced of him being dragged behind a moving pickup truck, his hooves sliding across an icy road stretching nearly 120 yards. To the relief of many across the state, the Grand County Sheriff’s Office quickly removed Trigger from this unsafe situation and brought him to the League’s Harmony Equine Center in Franktown.

Like Trigger, most of the horses and other equines we care for at Harmony have experienced some form of neglect or mistreatment. When they first arrive at our facility, they are immediately examined by an equine veterinarian and treated to address any critical injury, malnourishment, or disease. Once horses are deemed healthy, trainers may begin working with them to assess their individual temperament and behavioral needs.

Given the considerable cruelty he experienced, it took a while for us to build trust with Trigger. “[He] came to us a bit shut down and head shy,” said Taryn H., Harmony’s Team Leader of Equine Care. “As he learned to trust people again, he began to let down his guard … He [moved] from uncertainty and fearfulness to knowing safety, love, and compassion. That’s why we’re here and [it’s] the reason we do what we do.”

During his training sessions, our team continually evaluated Trigger’s behavior and adjusted their approach to meet his individual needs. Equine rehabilitation at Harmony emphasizes trust, connection, and patience while respecting and honoring the natural behavior of horses. Eventually, Trigger made enough progress that his trainers began to consider his prospects for adoption.

After hearing Trigger’s harrowing story, a woman contacted Harmony and expressed an interest in adopting him. And the rest, as they say, is history! Since late 2020, he has been living happily with her and a herd of other horses, surrounded by the pastoral splendor of Colorado’s Western Slope. We recently received an update from Trigger’s adopter that made us so overjoyed we just had to share it with you:

Trigger is doing very well at his new mountain ranch home. He has been well received by the other horses and has a special buddy, Mikey … they are inseparable. I bring them in from the pasture in the evenings so I can feed, brush, and comb Trigger, and have a good visit with him (and a treat!). He recognizes my pickup truck and whinnies when I arrive at the corral. He makes my day!

We couldn’t be more grateful to Trigger’s adopter for giving him the care, love, dignity, and comfort that he has always deserved. If you are interested in providing a home for a horse like Trigger, please click here.