Thank you to our wonderful friends and supporters who shared their Valentine’s Day wishes with our shelter animals. Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Valentine’s Day!

“Love and Kisses”

“Hugs & Kisses!”

“I chewse you, Valentine!”

“Sending you the biggest hug ever!”

“Hugs and kisses!”

“I hope all you kitties find wonderful homes.”

“Your safe and loved until you find your new family”

“You will find your forever home!”


“Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet kitty!”

“Happy Valentine’s Day little one! I hope you can find a loving home!”

“Happy Valentine’s Day”

“I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day! I hope you find a loving home”

“You are the sweetest Valentine anyone could want”

“Hello sweet thing! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“Though I may not know you yet, I am thinking of you and wishing you will find your forever home and family very soon.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day to a wonderful puppy! Just to let you know I care about you.”

“You’re worthy!”

“I hope you get the home you deserve soon I would save every single one of you if I could!”

“Roses are red, pigs tails are curled, you’re the cutest pupper in the entire world”

“Love you sweetie”
“Happy Valentine’s Day! I wish I could adopt you”

“You are loved and your new home is coming soon!”

“Hope you feel loved today and get extra cuddles!”

“We hope you have a purr-fect Valentine’s Day—Love, Luna & her humans.”

“Wishing you all the love you deserve!!”

“You are puurrfect valentine.”

“I wuf you valentine.”

“Without you, life is RUFF! Happy Valentine’s Day”

“I hope you find your forever home soon.”

“You are such a sweetie! I hope you find a forever home soon!!!”

“You are loved, sweet thing!”

“I love you a latte!”

“Find a loving home soon”

“Hope you have a home soon”

“You are so loved!”

“You are Loved”

“We love you and all of your canine friends! Happy V Day!”

“I would like to wish all the kitties a happy valentine’s day hoping they get to find homes and get all the love!”