Some relationships feel like destiny has taken a hand. Like something in the stars has brought and kept two individuals together, no matter the tests of time, distance, or hardship. Harry and Sally. Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. Latasha and Miss Rosie.

When Latasha first adopted Rosie from the Dumb Friends League in 2020, she never considered having to return her a year later. The lively and affectionate puppy came to Latasha’s family at a time when worldwide anxiety and uncertainty took hold, and Rosie proved to be a constant source of levity during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of safety precautions, Latasha worked closely with the League’s adoptions team through a virtual consultation. Once she met Rosie, it was love at first sight.

That initial spark soon grew into a strong and supportive bond. From the start, Rosie was family to Latasha and her 13-year-old son, and the three found solace in each other. It seemed nothing could come between Rosie and her loving family – until Latasha found herself battling cancer. Soon enough, the strains of her illness – combined with the responsibilities of work, parenting, and the pandemic – began to take their toll.

“I was [undergoing] treatment three days a week, working full time, and my son was in his first year of high school,” said Latasha. “There wasn’t anyone home to give Rosie the attention that she deserved. [Eventually], I gave her back [to the League] because I wanted someone to just give her that love … but it broke my heart. I really didn’t want to.”

Although she longed for her dog’s affection and companionship more than ever, Latasha put Rosie’s needs first and relinquished her back to the League’s care in 2021. Given everything Latasha and her family were facing, the difficult decision was both thoughtful and compassionate. Fortunately, nearly four months later, Latasha received the wonderful news that her cancer was in remission. Immediately, her thoughts returned to Rosie and the hope that the two may be reunited, especially after seeing her photo pop up on the League’s Facebook page.

“It was a photo of a League volunteer walking her,” Latasha said. “[My mom] called to see if she was available and [unfortunately found out that she] had just been adopted out a couple of days before that. I was so sad … I cried for two days.”

But like many good love stories, this one has a magical, serendipitous ending. “Something just told me to go on the Dumb Friends League website, and I just started looking. Then, I saw her picture,” said Latasha. It turns out, Rosie had been returned to the League’s care once more – the fit with her most recent adopters just wasn’t quite right. Not being able to stand the thought of losing her again, Latasha quickly booked an adoption appointment and actually met with the same League employee who handled her first consultation more than a year ago. “She called me back and said, ‘I really believe that Rosie’s your dog, and you’re where she’s meant to be,’” recalled Latasha. “I just started bawling … we were both crying.”

Just two days later, Latasha and Rosie were reunited at the Dumb Friends League. And it felt so good. Tears of joy and yelps of excitement filled the consultation room as the long-lost soulmates came together once again. “A part of me thought I would never see her again,” Latasha said. “And every day since I brought her back … I [had] been lost without her.”

We at the League are overjoyed and filled with gratitude by this amazing story – it’s why we do what we do. We’re so thankful that Latasha is on the road to recovery and that Rosie was back in our care at just the right time … seemingly by fate. Now, she’s home for the holidays with the people who love her most. “Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for bringing Rosie and me back together,” said Latasha. “My heart feels so full again … I could never thank you all enough!”

This Thanksgiving, as you and your loved ones gather once more, the Dumb Friends League hopes you have a lovely reunion of your own. We are so thankful for your generosity and support.