Vice President of Community Services

As a college student, Jodi Buckman planned to attend veterinary school, but she was offered a job leading a shelter in Maine shortly after graduating, and she never looked back.

Jodi earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Macalester College, achieved Certified Animal Welfare Administrator status from the Society for Animal Welfare Advancement in 2004 and received an Executive Certificate in Public Leadership from Harvard’s Kennedy School in the spring of 2020.  She’s worked in sheltering for 30 years–at both the local and national levels.

The “why” Jodi does this work has always been the animals, with the extraordinary bonus of working with the compassionate, thoughtful, and creative people who are brought to this work as colleagues, board members, volunteers, and supporters.

Having worked in nearly all aspects of animal welfare and sheltering, Jodi is excited to be working with the League’s community services teams. “League’s mission begins with “Working with our compassionate community . . . “”, said Jodi, “which speaks to the importance of people in the work we do. Our ability to end animal suffering grows exponentially when we directly engage the communities we serve because we can’t help pets who already have loving families without a community focus. It is humbling to be a part of this organization and build upon its incredible commitment of service and support for pets and their people!”

Jodi shares her home with two dogs. Owen, a 3-year-old Bernese mix adopted from the League in 2017, who is a master thief. No counter is too tall or deep for him to conquer if a food prize awaits. And there’s Ollie, a 2-year-old Samoyed who is ALL floof, whom she adopted from the ASPCA following a puppy mill cruelty case in 2018. Jodi said that Ollie isn’t particularly bright but is nearly always joyful. In her spare time, Jodi enjoys spending time with her pups and college-age kids Sam and Zoë, camping, road-tripping, hunting the best craft beer in the United States and working with her hands knitting, crocheting, embroidery and quilting.