Rehome—a surrender alternative

An alternative to surrendering your pet to the shelter is Rehome by If you can keep your pet in your home a little longer, we encourage you to check out this service. Click the Rehome box to set up your pet’s profile, review applications from potential adopters, and set up a meet-and-greet with applicants. These private adoptions occur without ever having to set foot in a shelter.

Please note: the Dumb Friends League is not affiliated with Rehome and does not facilitate the adoption process for pets available through this program.

The Dumb Friends League is here to support you. If you are experiencing an animal-related emergency, please do not wait to surrender your pet.

Pet resources

If your pet is experiencing a challenging behavior, we may be able to help you resolve the issue, so you can keep them in your home. Check out our Pet Resource Center and, if you need further assistance, please consider contacting our Behavior Helpline before surrendering your pet.

Subsidized care

If your pet is ill or injured and cost is an issue, the League offers subsidized veterinary care services at our Veterinary Hospital at CSU Spur. We also provide accessible wellness exams and vaccinations at our regular pop-up clinics across metro Denver.

Pet food banks

If the cost of feeding your pet is making it difficult to keep them in your home, there are local resources available to support you. Our partners at Colorado Pet Pantry offer monthly pet food banks across the state, where people can receive free pet food every other month (as supplies last).

Socially conscious sheltering

The League is a Socially Conscious Shelter committed to creating the best possible outcomes for all animals. We provide safe shelter, nourishment, and loving care to vulnerable companion animals across our community.

As a Socially Conscious Shelter, the League assesses the health and behavior of every animal in our care and makes appropriate treatment and placement decisions based on those assessments. We humanely euthanize animals who are suffering, whose health compromises their quality of life, or who may likely pose safety risks to people or other animals in the community.

We encourage you to explore all other available resources or rehoming options before deciding to surrender your pet. We are unable to provide ongoing updates on the status of individual animals in our care, nor can we guarantee the return of an animal to you if your situation changes.