Bans: pit bulls, a new ordinance to allow pit bulls is expected to take effect on March 1, 2021.
View Ordinance (Section: 14-75)


Bans: pit bulls unless they have been issued a provisional Breed-Restricted Permit by Denver Animal Protection. Schedule a breed assessment and obtain a permit here.

View Ordinance (Section: 8-67)

Lone Tree

Bans all fighting breeds: pit bulls, American bulldogs, dogo argentinos, canary dogs, presa mallorquins, tosa inus, cane
corsos and fila brasilairos
View ordinance (Section: 10-7-90)


Bans: pit bulls
View ordinance (Section: 6.12.160)

If you are renting, also make sure to check with your landlord or apartment rental company about any animal or breed-specific bans, regardless of the city laws.