Fearful and Excitement Urination

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Fearful Urination

Fearful urination occurs when a dog feels threatened. It may occur when he’s being punished or verbally scolded, or when he’s approached by someone he perceives to be threatening to him. It’s important to remember that this response is based on the dog’s perception of a threat, not the person’s
actual intention. Fearful urination may resolve as your dog gains confidence, but you can help build confidence through Nothing in Life is Free, which is when you teach him commands and then have him perform a command in exchange for something, like food or going outside (see our handout: “Nothing in Life is Free”). You should gradually expose him to new people and new situations, making sure all of his new experiences are positive and happy, while also counter conditioning him to respond differently to situations that normally make him pee.

Your dog may be fearfully urinating if:

What to do if your dog has a fearful urination problem:

What not to do:

Excitement Urination

Excitement urination occurs most often during greetings and playtime and is not accompanied by appeasing posturing. Excitement urination usually resolves on its own as a dog matures, as long as it isn’t made worse by punishment or inadvertent reinforcement.

Your dog may have an excitement urination problem if:

What to do if your dog has an excitement urination problem:

What not to do: