Resource Aggression

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Your new dog has a history of guarding food or other resources in the home. This means he (or she) may have frozen up, growled or even bitten!

There is no guarantee that your dog will never guard again, but there are ways you can reduce the chances of it occurring. Clicker training, for instance, is a good way to reduce any stress your new dog may be feeling. For more information, see our handout, “Dog Clicker Training.”

Causes of Resource Guarding

Food and other resource guarding can be the result of stress and limited resources. It can also be a behavior the dog learned in his previous home.

What to Do

Resource guarding may not go away on its own, and if not managed well, may get worse. Some guarding, when worked with, can decrease in intensity but may not disappear entirely.

Realistic Expectations

When to Get Help

What Not to Do